The Community Center project discussed

Mr. Jones indicated there is nothing on paper with respect to the FRDAP Grant.


Mayor Miller indicated that the  Retention Ponds could be dug deeper and use the dirt for the Community Center which would be a $12,000 savings.   Tommie Jones was going to speak to Mike Williams in the hopes that Nutrient would have some funds to spare so that we could secure the additional $48,000 we need to complete the Community Center so that it is Hurricane Proof.   Since that would not include the Generator, Mayor Miller suggested that Mr. Jones request $50,000 if Nutrient is willing to provide a contribution because the building would help employees of Nutrient  and their family members.

Mayor Miller also suggested that Mr. Jones contact Home Depot and Lowes if they could possibly assist with a break in the generator cost.

Also First Federal provides $2,000 as well as Duke Energy providing $2,000 for Communities who need the money.

Tommie was asked to follow up.

Mayor Miller said this was the first Phase of the project.

Also Councilman Tom Moore requested that the old jail be sold.


Mayor Miller reminded everyone that Tommie Jones handles all purchases and that they must see him first.

There was something also that came up regarding the overdraft in First Federal.   Mayor Miller said that Tommie Jones must have and should have all access to the Town of White Springs Accounts.   Not that this is a problem but there should be some internal controls.  One person should not be the only one to have full control over all Accounts of White Springs.


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