Back in the day, 22 years ago, the Governor threatened to shut us down for gross, his words not mine, mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility. We were broke and didn’t even know it due to the mismanagement by the Town Mayor.

We’re broke again and no body seems to know it, or worse, no one cares. We build a building that no one will ever use and let a fire engine that we would use weekly if not daily go into the trashcan. Tommie, the Black Savior of White Springs, continues to spend money and has yet, in two and a half months, come up with at budget to get us out of the financial hole that we are in. In fact he has not even acknowledged that we are broke.

Helen continues to use her position as Mayor to tell Tommie what to do, how to do it and where to do it. Tommie is just a “lacky” for Helen and lets not forget Anita.  Walter and Tonja do their same thing, which is to say nothing, And Tom is left asking questions which no one will answer. At least he knows how much trouble we are in.

To have a strong Mayor form of government, again prohibited by the Charter two seperate and distinct things must happen. First we gotta have a strong Mayor, someone who knows, or at least think she knows, what is best for the town. To hell with the charter and state laws, she says, I know what is best and we’ll do it my way. The other thing we’ve got to have is a weal Town Manager. They don’t come much weaker than Tommie who knows nothing about handling personnel problems much less town affairs. The only thing he knows about, according to his resume, is Computer software. We need a computer software expert like we need teats on a male hog.

We’ve got them both which begs into question whether Helen set it up this way. Stacy, for all of her faults as a person, was at least a strong town manager. She had Walter and Tonja singing her praises and the council, knowing what a strong town manager she was not even listening to the Council voted to give here a two year contract when two weeks was too much. The reason Helen wants all of the power in town is unknown but she certainly has no personal restraint. She gets what she wants whether it is best for the town or not, whether it is in the Charter or not.

Weak Mayor form of Government. Not hardly. Either Helen needs some self restraint or Tommie need to grow a pair. Neither is likely to happen.


  1. I seriously doubt whether Tommie has even read the duties of a Town Manager, in the Charter, much less the whole charter. Helen probably told him she would handle it.

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