Tebo makes Citizen responsible for securing a grant to commence his business enterprise?

At last night’s economic development meeting, Scott Gay, who is investing money into White Springs was told that in order to get sewer and water on the North Side of Town, where his motel is, he will have to fill out his own grant papers.

So instead of our Town Manager working on the grant papers of which her original application said she had experience, a resident who is unhappy if he has to not only complete the information but give personal information, is required to do so.

Scott Gay should not have to do anything about the Town’s expansion, even though Mayor Lofton said he could help with the grant application during his office hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Scott Gay knows he will pay for the connection fees but why on earth is he responsible for placing a grant on behalf of the Town in order to have sewer and water utilities be placed on the North end of Town?

Our illustrious manager stated we have limited staff to which I stated out loud “No Show Mondays; No Show Fridays” which made her head turn in anger like she was possessed.

It is up to the Town to get Sewer and Water utilities on the North Side of Town; not a resident’s responsibility.  That is why we pay the large sewer and water rates which are 250% over and above what any other Town has.  No wonder the Grant Writer looked like a deer being hit with headlights when I asked if the refurbishing of sewer pipes would extend the new piping to the Scot Gay Motel.  There is no planning in this town; there is no assistance for Citizens, especially those willing to invest in the infrastructure of White Springs and as far as I am concerned, the staff and Manager do not do their jobs effectively or efficiently.  Personally, I would never trust Lofton to complete or train another how to fill out a grant application.  This is Stacy Tebo’s job and her job only since she is the CEO of the Town and the Town benefits from the placement of these utilities on the North Side of Town.

Welcome to our nightmare Scott Gay!


Karin Griffin


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