Still do not believe why we had to buy an excavator for Vaughn. We couldn’t afford it and we no longer allow Citizens to have work done by the Town.

I still believe the council should never have purchased the excavator when we had a perfectly good backhoe.

Citizens previously could hire Kenny Hutcherson to do backhoe work for the Town at $75.00 an hour.  Kenny not only dug a ditch for wiring for us but removed a huge stump and planted pampas grass in our back yard which our neighbor wished removed.  Then we hired him to help the Windsors move a huge Water Oak Stump.  Kenny not only dug the stump out but flipped it so that the bottom was up and flat over which grass grew.  Then it all stopped.  Joe asked the Town to help our neighbors, the Systrunks,  whose house burned down to level out the land.  Joe paid the Town in advance but they did not do the work and never provided an explanation and our neighbor at the time had to hire someone else at his own expense.  We never received an answer as to why and possibly Kenny was already ill, but the man was an artist with the equipment and the Town received additional money by the Citizens being able to hire the backhoe and an operator.

Now I still do not believe it was right that he was allowed to be paid for two years of so called back pay when he already had received some $25,000 from the Town previously as a bonus, whether he had back pay coming or not.  Pam’s only answer was that he was sick and the Town needed to do something.  Yet everything remained un-mowed and a mess for Two years and paying someone that long, without council approval was embezzlement from the citizens….The State Laws are even written in accordance with our personnel manual but it seems Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson can favor some people and make it a management decision when it should have been a council decision one way or another.

But let’s get to Ray Vaughn.  We were told that the Department of Corrections desired Mr. Vaughn to work inside of the prison instead of working with prisoners on outdoor activities. We do not know the circumstances and whether Mr. Vaughn decided to quit and connect with White Springs or if he was let go by the DOC.   Why was it so important to have an excavator?  The excavator is for digging not road work.  And Mr. Vaughn himself said his main job was mowing…which we saw Curtis do part of the mowing of the berms a week or so ago.  What happened to Vaughn’s flunky the fictitious electrician and plumber who missed work at his previous job?

This was one of the times that Walter McKenzie made sense.  He said why not rent the equipment when we needed it?  I agree and many contractors rent equipment to get the job done.  And the first time the excavator was to be used was when we had the sinkhole.  Since Vaughn was out of town, already taking vacation, the Town had to hire someone who could do the job, even though Andrew’s father said that Andrew was operating the equipment.  All Andrew did was bring the operator to the sinkhole.

It amazes me how the “Gang of Three” will spend money on things which are totally unnecessary.  After all with the trailer, the excavator was some $60,000 payable in two payments.  What is said is we keep borrowing and I do not believe, other than the payables the council votes on monthly, our town cannot afford any more loans.  In fact, Stacy does not provide monthly income sheets so we know where our funds are and what needs to be paid. It’s part of her job via the Charter but she is special and the Gang doesn’t ask her to do much.

Furthermore, not only did the council not agree to two years pay, the payables for employees should have been shown and someone should have questioned why Kenny was getting paid when nothing was being done.

No this Gang of Three has not done a lot for the Citizens and the complaint made that the payables were given to the recipients before the Council approved them has gone to the Commission on Ethics in Lofton’s name.  We also understand that Tanja is ill and has been so no one knows what will happen at the meeting for any approvals with the two to two votes.

Also you may have noticed the Flow Chart where Andrew Greene did not have to answer to anyone.  Well note the Fire Department is not under the chart so therefore, Stacy Tebo had no right to push Kevin Pittman out because obviously she should not be supervising firefighters.  But we know this was Rhett’s decision because he needed someone to keep little Andrew in the Fire Department as an Assistant and give Andrew a vehicle for his personal use and credit cards.

And since Pam is at a stalemate because Hatton gave her some Federal Ruling which cannot possibly apply and Joe called the First Amendment Foundation today, we should have a listing of firefighters.  No we don’t need their addresses or any personal information but we need their names and as confirmation of the firefighters we have.  After all they are employees and we are given the names of our police officers so why the stupid response.  In due course we will get this straightened out but in the interim the staff is doing everything they can because they know these individuals who may be signed on are not even in our vicinity but work for Century Ambulance.  Now the Town will probably give Andrew the Fire SUV unless Rhett will buy him a vehicle.  This Gang of Three is not even logical and Karen Hatton needs to study civil and municipal law.  She needs to call the first Amendment Foundation.

Lastly I doubt if we will ever get the Department of Corrections to allow inmates to work in White Springs.  After what Townsend did to the prisoners and how Andrew Greene hid evidence from law enforcement, if I were in charge I wouldn’t chance the prisoners coming to White Springs.

Karin for the blog

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