Sorry for my Crass words but we have problems

An E. coli infection occurs when certain strains of E. coli bacteria enter the digestive tract. This is a very serious and potentially deadly infection and should be treated under the supervision of a physician. Most commonly, E. coli infections happen as a result of eating infected meat that has not been cooked properly. It can also occur after eating raw dairy products, fruits, and vegetables that have been contaminated. E. coli can spread from person to person or be transmitted via water supply, so it is important to take proper precautions if you have been infected. If you notice any symptoms of E. coli, see your doctor right away.

What we learned in the open forum when Senator Montford and Representative Brannan came to Hamilton County, is that the water supply through the aquifer across the Georgia Boarder in Southwest Hamilton County is filled with E. coli.  It is said all wastes and feces are dumped in the river.  One Gentleman who expended his own money for pure water by initially placing approximately $400 of equipment to purify his well found that all the membranes were totally ruined.  He has now spent $6000 to save his children and family, but not all people can afford it.  One woman who indicated she is a friend of the Bullard Family stated that she almost lost her husband to E Coli.  She wept to the delegation and others indicated the State of Florida needs to sue Georgia for this outrageous violation.

Currently the Georgia Boarder dumps all feces and waste into the river, which ultimately goes into the aquifer and subsequently into the well water.  It is not just drinking purified water but one also may not bathe in such water.  Someone also mentioned chicken feces but the farmers indicated that the livestock they have would be a minimum to that coming from Georgia.   We need the Hamilton County Board of Health to investigate this travesty if they have not already done so.

I apologize that I was so crass in my comments about Walter, but at this specific meeting he stands up and states that he would be happy to show the a delegation from Georgia how White Springs handled their previous dumping into the Suwannee River by changing it to a system which works.  At this point, if someone doesn’t have a response to the dilemma of E coli which is extremely serious, Walter doesn’t need to brag about our system because even we have an abundance of cancer patients in White Springs which I still believe is attributed to our water and sewer systems.

My problem with Walter is that all he does is rant about things which are unimportant and if Helen Miller would not take a stand on the LOFT funds at meetings, he would not be standing up for it with her.

We in White Springs have been without a Fire Department for over a year, since we lost Kevin Pittman.  I have gone to the County who technically cannot assist with our broken Town Department because we have Councilors in the Town of White Springs who should.  Then comes Walter various times .asking how many firefighters we have within a five mile radius, before he asked within a 10 mile radius and we were told we have 3 in a 15 mile radius but Stith this time mentioned three.  Why couldn’t Walter ask for the names of these individuals and if they were certified.  He gets an answer and drops the matter.  What good is the White Springs Council if they do not serve the people.  Tell me, is fighting over an attorney’s request for an increase more important than saving lives, saving property which could be Walter’s, or assisting with associated  mental and physical problems, drug induced comas or extraction from vehicles in an accident,  or trees falling on cars or other property.  Yes all of our firefighters are volunteers but I do not believe Steve Stith has actual firefighting volunteers.  Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo made the biggest mistake of their lives by getting rid of a Great Fire Chief Kevin Pittman.  He actually had passion for firefighting as did his brotherhood and you all ruined it and the Councilors Bullard, Lofton, Brown and McKenzie won’t go one step further to provide us with a viable fire department.  Look at what you are being told and do something about it.

No, I believe in life and death situations as being of utmost importance and we don’t have a fire department and we have a major problem with our water wastewater situation.  Furthermore, what good are our police if they cannot respond to thefts murders, stabbing and drugs.  Our citizens deserve much better.  One council member can’t do it all and she is the only one who listens to our citizen’s complaints.  And furthermore people like Lofton just want to spend money for low returns.  What is wrong with our council?

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