Red-face Ratt has started his campaign early

Did you notice the MLK, I have a Dream Program and Luncheon announcement.  Apparently the Red-face Ratt is starting his campaign stating at the bottom “This printing and its distribution of this flyer was funded by Rhett Bullard PA.   I rather doubt if he paid for the postage so it’s a lie that he paid for “distribution”.   Yet he needs his name in lights, but can’t afford a full page 8.5 x 11 because a small piece wouldn’t cost the Taxpayers additional postage since it was an insert in the utility bill.


Oh and by the Way, the design could be done by anyone on a computer so what’s his deal?  Obviously the Red-face Ratt wants to make certain you vote for him at election time and has started early.  How much more money can he steal from the Citizens if he is re-elected?



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