Over the last 20 plus years I have submitted at least 50 (perhaps more) Citizen Complaints. They varied in subject to violations of Federal and State Laws, violations of Municipal Ordinances, and other items. Let’s pick one to explain my story.

In 1999 I filed a Citizen Complaint that the town was not enforcing its zoning code (Land Development Regualtions, MO 98-01) either of the two houses on Property 8301-000, SE Corner of Mill and Kendrick Streets. The complaint was never heard by the town Council.

After several more Complaints on the same subject (lack of enforcement on property 8301-000) the town council in its wisdom decided to investigate my future Citizen Complaints. The Ordinance called for an investigation but the council decided without a vote to call the Investigations a “FACT-Finding” evolution. They then decided to not investigate any complaints but fact found them to be without merit, no facts no merit and voted accordingly. By this time Walter was on the Council and has been for 16 years. Never once did he vote to sustain any violation of MO 98-01 on the two houses on property 8301-000. Several more years went by and after 6 filed lawsuits on the Subject at hand Walter stated the truth of the matter that he didn’t like me as a person and therefore would never vote to sustain any Complaint made by me. Mr. Dunn re-condemned the buildings in 2007 and was immediately fired by Walter and the rest of the town coucil. That prompted a lawsuit by Mr. Dunn which the town lost.

After several more complaints and my lost lawsuits the town voted to not take Mr. Harris, the owner of the property and brother-in-law of Councilman Woodard, to court to enforce his complacence with the MO 98-01. Finally after 14 years Bob Farley finally took steps to have the problem rectified. It took 5 more years the town finally made steps to enforce the code, BUT WALTER VOTED AGAINST THE ENFORCEMENT. Not once did Walter vote to uphold the any complaint or ordinance once saying that it takes time to enforce the ordinance. Now it is 20 years and counting that the ordinance has not been enforced. It is no clser to enfocement now

Walter, at least 8 times, has taken an oath to follow all Federal, State and Local laws and Ordinances which as my prior words attest to his failure. 16 years on the Council and 8 Oaths taken.

Lets take it to the present day. In the recent words of the Ethics Commission report it is reported that Walter said

“Councilmember McKenzie sait it was possibly his idea although he could not specifically recall. (ROI 22)  However, he added that Respondent “never took kindly” to anyone telling her how to do her job (ROI 22).” He also said “Councilmember McKenzie confirmed that Complainant and his wife file so many complaints with the Town, in so many different ways, it is impossible to keep up with wnen and how he receives them.  (ROI 34)”

Yet not once has he taken a complaint and deemed ti have any value, NOT ONE TIME IN 50+ complaints. He has no cognitive dissidence never once considering that one, just one of My Complaints., might have some value, i.e. the Zoning issue.

Walter is a fraud looking only at his hatred of me instead of whether I had something to say or not. Iit is a travisty of his Oath of Office. But what do you expect from a Pig Farmer’s helper and the thief of a little girl’s puppy dogs. Not much I guess. The Ratt watch calls Tebo “Just Keep Paying me” Walter is the exact same way. He views his paycheck as validity of his unethical position.

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