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JUST IN: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Massive BREAKDOWN…Cry For Help?

This is unbelievable!

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BREAKING NEWS: Fox News Star Rushed to HOSPITAL – Tragedy

So awful!

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BREAKING: Sarah Sanders Notified…

It’s not good.

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Do You Own Gold?
You Must See This Chart
Chances are you own at least a bit of gold. It’s a key element in any diversified portfolio. But as Andy Snyder tells us below, something peculiar is happening. It all has to do with a big announcement that’s coming soon. Check it out.

– Rachel

Take a look at this chart.

It shows something odd about gold.

Do you see that big spike I circled? It made me wonder who suddenly wanted all that gold.


Wait until you learn who’s buying… and why I believe he’s doing this.

I just got a report that a reclusive billionaire has jumped into gold in a big way.

And what’s crazy is that he says he’s buying gold for the first time in his life.

Clearly, he’s worried about something new.

And I think I know what.

It all has to do with a huge decision from Washington.

Most folks won’t learn what’s happening until March 20.

But this secure link provides all the early details of what’s happening and why.

Click here now.

Be well,

Andy Snyder
Founder, Manward Press

P.S. Until now, this mysterious billionaire has invested almost entirely in real estate. The fact that he’s now turning to gold ahead of this March 20 announcement is turning heads. Get all the details here.

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

Trump’s Supreme Court Does The RIGHT Thing

Trump Reacts to Buzzfeed Debacle: It’ll Take a Long Time for the Media to Restore Its Credibility

Meanwhile, Fake News MSM Begs Viewers to Trust Them

Senior Democrat: Ban Teens from Wearing MAGA Hats

Ocasio-Cortez Is Setting Women Back Light Years in Politics

Why Wall Street Big Wigs Waited Till Now To Get Into Marijuana

Ben Carson News
President Donald Trump signaled he’s pressing ahead with his planned State of the Union address by requesting a walk-through of the House chamber for the Jan. 29 speech, a week after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested it be delayed due to security concerns because of the government shutdown.

The request was made to House officials, and the House sergeant-at-arms, one of the recipients of the White House request over the weekend, is awaiting a response from Pelosi’s office. The House would have to pass a resolution to hold the speech, which has been uncontroversial in the past.

Pelosi last week suggested Trump consider delivering the address in writing instead of in person. The shutdown, which began on Dec. 22, has Republicans and Democrats at odds over funding the president has requested for a border wall with Mexico

BREAKING: Kavanaugh Impeachment Announcement – He’s In Trouble

This isn’t good.

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The truth comes out.

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BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi DEFEATED – She Finally Lost

It’s over.

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BREAKING: Judge Jeanine Gives Notice… Fans Shocked

I’m stunned.

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BREAKING: Mike Pence Deal Announcement – It’s Happening


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com via aweber.com 

Tue, Jan 22, 1:08 PM (1 day ago)


Happening Right Now
Supreme Court rules for Trump’s ban on transgender troops in the military »
Supreme Court rules for Trump’s ban on transgender troops in the militaryThe Supreme Court on Tuesday set aside nationwide orders from three federal judges and ruled the Defense Department could now enforce President Donald Trump’s policy that effectively bans transgender people from serving in the military. More »

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Sure Money
January 22, 2019
Do this at closing bell (for your shot at thousands tomorrow)Get ready to be blown away
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The Government Shutdown Is Still Bullish So Here’s What To Do
by Lee Adler

Dear Sure Money Investor,

The stock market has been on an amazing tear since December 26. The government shutdown (GSD) began December 22. Coincidence? No. I told you about the belated epiphany I had about this back on January 11:

But there’s one other thing that is bullish in the short run, and you’ll never believe what it is!

That short term factor is the government shutdown. That’s right. It’s bullish. Forgive me for telling you this only now, but unfortunately, it just dawned on me. I’ve been speculating about it for a week or so, but now the data confirms my suspicions.

This rally isn’t business as usual. It’s not about what the media is telling you: that the economy is fine, inflation is low, and the Fed will not raise interest rates as much as originally feared.

One thing is the same about this market, though. And that’s the underlying principle that drives all markets. The market has moved, as always, because of money. It’s pretty simple. When there’s not enough money around, the market declines. When there’s a surplus, the market rises.

Until December 22, there wasn’t enough money around. But then, something changed.

Since December 26, a tidal wave of money has sent the market surfing higher. That money isn’t coming from the usual source, the Fed and its fellow central banks. They’re going the other way.

Do this, and you could double your money up to three times this week
All it takes is 4½ minutes on Monday… and by Friday, you could be celebrating with an extra $2,400, $2,800, even $4,102, or more. This is the fastest (and simplest) opportunity you’ll ever see to start pocketing huge, consistent paydays. Take a look

Nope. This time it’s coming from the US Treasury. And this time is also different because the people controlling the money dynamics aren’t motivated by long term economic factors. They are motivated by politics. That makes this a whole different kind of ballgame than the one we usually play.

Here’s what it’s about, and what you can do to profit from it


Lee Adler

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Breaking news from Wired Conservative

Alzheimer’s Disease May Be On The Way Out

MAGA Teen Falsely Accused by Fake News Media Now Receiving Death Threats

Schumer Promises to Negotiate on the Wall AFTER Trump Ends the Shutdown

Oops! Fox News Accidentally Airs RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg Graphic

US Government Issues Security Alert After Attacks on Mexican Border City Cops

Ben Carson News
President Donald Trump took more shots at Democrats Tuesday over the government shutdown, accusing them on Twitter of playing politics with the nation’s security, saying a border wall “must finally be done correctly,” and pledging he wouldn’t “cave.”

Trump tweeted a “powerful Wall or Steel Barrier” would cause crime rates and drug trafficking to “go substantially down all over the U.S.,” but added, “Dems know this but want to play political games.” He said without an adequate barrier with Mexico “our Country can never have Border or National Security.”

Trump’s attack opened the 32nd day of the partial government shutdown, which appears to be no closer to a resolution. Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office reiterated on Monday Democrats are unwilling to negotiate any border security funding until Trump reopens the government.

Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump predicted on Twitter Tuesday that some good may come from the controversy over Friday’s showdown between some Catholic schoolboys and a Native American drummer.

“Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I know they will use it for the good – maybe even to bring people together. It started off unpleasant, but can end in a dream!”

After Friday’s March for Life in Washington, D.C., Nick Sandmann, who was wearing a Make America Great Again cap, and other Catholic school students were waiting for a bus when there appeared to be a nonviolent showdown between some of the boys and Nathan Phillips, a 64-year-old Native American who was playing a traditional chant on a drum.

Initial media reports claimed the boys were taunting Phillips, prompting widespread shaming of the young men on social media and in media reports, before that scenario later was revealed to be untrue. Trump tweeted Monday that the boys had been “treated unfairly” and “smeared” by the media.


An URGENT Warning for Gun Owners!

In America Gun Owners Risk Potential Jail Time and Fines When They Travel with Their Guns Without Being Aware of Each State’s Laws.

And it isn’t just the few Anti-Gun States like New Jersey and New York that are Getting Gun Owners in Trouble. GunOwners even find themselves against the law in state like Wyoming & Texas when they mistakenly enter “off limits” areas.

That’s why every year at this time I offer up my 2nd Amendment Bible for FREE

In it you’ll learn all the most CURRENT rules and regs

And, even more importantly what to expect down the road, and how to prepare for what’s coming!

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If your like every other hard working patriot, you’ve probably got a bug out bag loaded and ready to go just in case the shit hits the fan.

That bag probably contains some emergency food, lighting, batteries and other gear to get you safely from your home to your rendezvous point should a hostile situation or disaster break out in your local area.

But what about guns and ammo? Do you have firearms in your bug out bag?

One former CIA Officer reveals the exact guns and other gear he recommends you keep handy for when all hell breaks loose.

This guy has had to rely on bug out bags to survive the most dangerous hostile situations on earth. So he knows exactly what you need.

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BREAKING: Biden Affair Stuns America – Read The Details


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BREAKING: Mueller Implicated – This Is Criminal

We knew it.

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BREAKING: OH NO – Shock Supreme Court Announcement

Millions are stunned.

Read the details…

On MLK Jr. day, call issued for new investigation into assassinations of the 1960s »
On MLK Jr. day, call issued for new investigation into assassinations of the 1960sA group of prominent Americans is calling for new inquiries into the assassinations of four prominent Americans. The four assassinations that occurred in the 1960s have long been surrounded by conspiracy theories. More

BREAKING: Trump WINS – Huge Senate Vote

Good news.

Read the details…

Breaking News…

The Results are In–Nationwide Poll on Donald Trump Impeachment(sponsor)

Breaking: Justice Ginsburg Is Fighting For Her Life!

Conservative group threatened over Shapiro speech on campus

Huckabee: Trump showed he is going to come out swinging at Pelosi

Republicans have singled out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for criticism

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Vote Now: Was Obama the Greatest President Ever?

Will Obama go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents of all time?

Vote now and let your voice be heard.

The Affordable Care Act, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, Marriage Equality, and the US coming out of the recession are all things touted as major accomplishments.

How do these stack up against the great Presidents of years past?

Does Obama deserve to be called one of the greatest ever?

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Is GONE – Total Breakdown

Oh wow.

Read the details…


BREAKING: Laura Ingraham Goes On Air, Issues Grave Warning

This is urgent.

Read the details…

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

This Breakthrough Tech Could Change Energy Forever

Dossier Shocker: Top DOJ Official Sounded Alarm on Fake Dossier – Comey Used It Anyway

Twitter Warns Pam Geller That She’s Violating Pakistani Law – Geller to Twitter: “Kiss My Free A**”

So Tacky: After Ignoring Angel Moms, Senate Dems Hold Rally for Federal Workers

Caravans from El Salvador & Honduras Headed to America

20 Minutes To Total Silence

This Breakthrough Tech Could Change Energy Forever

It’s got nothing to do with solar, wind or battery power. But this may be the biggest breakthrough to hit the energy markets in 150 years.

The last time an energy technology this disruptive came along, it drove insane gains of 3,915%… 1,606%… 3,044%… 4,344%… 2,047%… and 1,415%, just to name a few.

This could prove even bigger…

We’re not talking mere energy independence … we’re talking complete and total energy dominanceClick here now for the full story.

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BREAKING: Maxine Waters Caught On Video – Coverup In Progress

This is horrible.

Read the details…




BREAKING: Mueller Report OVER – He’s Ending It

This is huge.

Read the details…






BREAKING: Top Democrat Quits Abruptly – GOODBYE


Read the details…

BREAKING: Michael Cohen EXPOSED – Rumors Are True…

Oh my!

Read the details…

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

Pet Lovers! How To Expand Your Dog’s Life Span

Liar: Pelosi Never Contacted Secret Service for Security Plan Before Canceling State of the Union Address

Immigrant Professor Resigns After Accusations of Using Exchange Students for Slave Labor

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cancels Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Dead Newborn Found at Amazon Distribution Center

DC Insider: Obama’s One Man War Against Ben Carson

Ben Carson News
Dear Carson News Reader,

Whoa, this is crazy.

We’ve been telling you about this for some time, and now…

Everything that’s been brewing in Washington is about to explode…

Blow up right in the faces of the anti-Trump establishment…

With Pelosi and the Democrats taking the House, talk of impeachment is echoing in the halls of Congress.


Do you know…?

This is exactly what Dr. Jerome Corsi predicted would happen in his bestselling book, Killing the Deep State.

We noticed you haven’t claimed your FREE COPY yet…

What are you waiting for? Get it here.

Killing the Deep State is the most explosive tell-all political book released since Woodward and Bernstein’s All the President’s Men.

Everyone is talking about it. Bill O’Reilly says the establishment “hates” this book.

Sean Hannity talked about it recently… USA Today called it one of the most popular pro-Trump books to come out.

And we can’t go one more minute without telling you something absolutely critical…

Everything Killing the Deep State has revealed so far has turned out to be true.

Why do you think the FBI and DOJ desperately wanted to pin the Podesta email leaks on Dr. Jerome Corsi and throw him in prison?

It’s the book.

Corsi says the goal of the Deep State is to shut him up.

Killing the Deep State uncovered decades’ worth of the Deep State’s dirty deeds.

He followed the money trail and ripped the veil of secrecy off all the key players…

That includes the highest-ranking officials in government, in the DOJ, CIA, NSA, and FBI.

Dr. Corsi went all the way back to Whitewater to find the connections and follow the trail of corruption and lies to the present day…


Yet everything Dr. Corsi said has been proven to be true…

The DOJ has been working against Trump since before day one
It’s right there in the Peter Strzok smoking-gun text messages. See Page 4
The Russian collusion is fake
Democrats paid British spy Christopher Steele for a fake dossier to prevent Trump from taking office. But it’s even worse than that — see page 86
The Soros-funded war on Trump! 
Just keep following the money. It’s all there — see page 106. Now his mission is to destroy Trump through this Russian witch hunt.
Obama is the puppet master. Still. 
His acolytes still run whole federal agencies. Corsi names names.

Corsi nailed it when he repeatedly stated in Killing the Deep State that Trump must expose a host of cunning Deep State political operatives and enemies of the Constitution.

That’s exactly what Trump has done with the likes of Lynch, Comey, Rosenstein, and Brennan, as well as Obama and even Hillary.

Read it all here in your FREE COPY.

Know what else Dr. Corsi nailed dead-to-rights?

The Deep State would desperately try to get rid of their arch enemy #1, President Trump, by impeaching him.

Think about what’s happening with the Democrats taking the House.

Talk of impeaching President Trump has ignited.

Think how many times you’ve seen impeachment brought up and lobbed at Trump since he took office. It makes no sense. There are zero grounds for impeachment.

Even Alan Dershowitz, one of the most celebrated civil rights attorneys in America and a champion of the liberal left…

He’s been a vocal opponent of impeachment, insisting it’s not warranted…

As he says: The Justice Department is blinded by their own hatred.

In fact, here’s a highly educated liberal, a Harvard law professor emeritus, insisting…

Impeachment would “backfire.”

“That would be a foolish abuse of their newly elected majority.”

But we know from Killing the Deep State that America’s shadow government will push full steam ahead.

This is a high-stakes game they can’t lose — or they lose their death grip on America.

And as far as the Mueller report…

Dershowitz says Mueller won’t be fair and will produce what he believes is a devastating attack which will all point to the White House, the Oval Office, the president.”

Why do the Democrats spew venom at President Trump?

Why do they hate him with every fiber of their being?

Because he’s destroying their empire known as the Deep State.

President Trump has helped expose their sinister motives and rank corruption with the help of Dr. Corsi’s Killing the Deep State.

We’d go so far as to say this runaway New York Times bestseller is Trump’s political playbook.

Read it…

It’s riveting, shocking, and mind-blowing all at once.

Killing the Deep State by Dr. Jerome Corsi is the one book you must read this year.

Everything you need to understand about why this vendetta and hatred against Trump has exploded…

Where it started and where it will go from here…

It’s all inside this book.

Hurry, claim your FREE COPY today right here.

Your Friends at Carson News

P.S. The Mueller report is expected to be released in February. But Killing the Deep State is your road map to what happens next. Find out why this New York Times bestseller is still selling… Go Here Now


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BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi BETRAYED – Democrats Cave…

She can’t believe it!

Read the details…

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