a.           Emergency notification

any information furnished by a person to any agency for the purpose of being provided with emergency notification by the agency is exempt from disclosure requirements. section 119.071(5)(j)1., F.s. The e-mail addresses and corresponding home, school, and other “watched addresses of concern” provided for participation in the Florida Department of law enforcement offender alert system come within the scope of this exemption. ago 11-16. And see s. 119.0712(2)(d)1. and 2., F.s.  (emergency contact information contained in a Department    of highway safety and motor vehicles motor vehicle record is confidential and exempt, and, without the express consent of the person to whom such emergency contact information applies, may be released only to law enforcement agencies for purposes of contacting those listed in the event of an emergency).

Your quote for DPPA is wrong. It is not a State Statute which the Law and the Constitution require. Additionally your quote has the words NAMES in it which is not found in the statutory exemption.

Arguing with me about 119 is a fools errand Pam. You would think you would know that by now. You are a fool Pam. Provide the list of people carried under our General Liability Policy who are volunteers of the WSVFD.

This is your five day warning for legal action on this matter as is required by 119

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