Our Thanks to the Defensive Driver travelling to Lake City last night

As everyone knows the speed limit on Highway 41 going toward and coming back to White Springs is 60 mph.   Last night as we were returning to White Springs from dinner with friends in Lake City, when a Vehicle pulled out of a drive right in front of at least three cars traveling toward Lake City.  The first vehicle which was right at the intersection where the car pulled out, Instead of Hitting the driver side of the vehicle which would have tossed that car to roll over or slide into the front of our car with other cars rear-ending the car tossing the Vehicle, the Driver was defensive and made one of the fastest turns into that drive, allowing the other vehicles behind him to slam on their brakes as we did and the vehicle behind us.  It must have been a full moon because one had to be defensive with more than one person pulling out.  Remember, you cannot judge speed based on lights in the dark.

In any event, thank you to the Defensive Driver who saved more people from being injured or dead.  I’m certain he parked on that drive to thank God that he or she and their passengers were safe.


Karin for the blog

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