Our current Town Manager can’t do what the job requires and is a Total Waste to the Taxpayers and those who work under her lack of supervision

We give our Town Manager Too much power without the Council determining policies and goals.

  Don’t let that “sweet” smile fool you!!!


Other Cities or Towns usually require the Town Manager to be a liason between councilors and department heads and citizens.  Our Town allows the Town Manager to run things as she feels because our Town has no goals which they set, no policies which they really set and they do not even require our Town Manager to answer to the council relating to money problems, employee problems, insurance problems or anything of the like.  She raddles off a report each month that is difficult to year, no annunciation and half of what she said is not heard and if something is required like completing the CBDG right of protest letter which is required, nary a councilor did anything relating to that.

Here is the Town Manager for the Town of White Springs.  Tell me if you really feel she does her job.  Remember when Robert Townsend handled both the Town Manager’s position as well as the Wastewater/ Water Operator position in one day’s time and still had time to respond to citizens and councilors yet had time to fool around with inmates.  What really does Tebo do with her eight hours….certainly not as much as other managers who get involved with the public and supervise employees? 


Section 3.02 Powers and Duties of the Town Manager

The Town Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the Town, responsible to the Council for the administration of all Town affairs placed in the Manager’s charter by or under this Charter.  The Town Manager shall:  (She’s currently handling everything even without council approval or notice)


  • Appoint and, when he (she) deems it necessary for the good of the Town, suspend or remove the Town employees and appointed administrative officers provided for by or under the Charter, except as otherwise provided by law, this Charter or personnel rules adopted pursuant to this Charter. He (She) may authorize any administrative officers who are subject to his (her) direction and supervision to exercise these powers with respect to subordinates in that officer’s department, office or agency. (No where does it state that elected officials may be removed, appointed or suspended, only appointed officers – so what gave Stacy Tebo the Right to make the complaints against Dr. Helen Miller, except that the Thugs of Three felt they did not like Miller and Stacy Tebo admitted she “hated” Miller.)


  • Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the Town except otherwise provided by this Charter or by law;
    (She has never supervised her employees, never revised a job description, never visited a job site, never required information as to what was accomplished in the day week or hours, and the only way she directs anything is by e-mail while locked in her office)


  • Attend all Town Council meetings. The Town Manager shall have the right to take part in the discussion but shall not vote:
    (She does take part in reading her report or answering questions vaguely should a Councilor request. Yet even though she does not have a vote, she pays Hutcherson without council approval for two years of no work; got involved with the Town Attorney to seek alternate counsel in the Anita Rivers case without a vote of the council and knowledge was not provided until after the depositions and summaries were done; She alone made complaints about Helen B. Miller and changed the complaints at least three times; She gives out payables’ checks without the Council approving such accounts payable.)


  • See that all laws, provisions of this Charter and acts of the Town Council , subject to enforcement by the Town Manager or by officers subject to the Manager’s direction and supervision, are faithfully executed;  (She gives her employees no direction and it is obvious with the Local Option Fuel Tax misspending that she does not follow the laws especially when a restrictive fund should be set up, and it has not since Rhett Bullard has been in office and since she allows Pam Tomlinson to do as she pleases without supervision. She does not even follow laws relating to her part in Chapter 119’s and is not transparent nor does she require her staff to be transparent.)


  • Prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the Town Council; (She does submit an annual budget and in the first year she used various categories, but our CPA changed that.  Since she works under the Thugs of three, she does not follow the law regarding how a budget and the financing should be handled.  Not only that, her contract requires she provide monthly Income and Expense Statements to the Council so not only are they aware of what our payables are, but aware where our money came from and to show Income versus Expense to make certain we are in line with our Budget.  She should also tell the Council where there may be problems one month and how she is going to rectify those problems in the next month at every council meeting.  We get nada!  No Transparency! Contract Breach!  And she is paid more than any other manager hired by White Springs.) 


  • Submit to the Town Council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the Town as of the end of each fiscal year; (We are fortunate that the CPA makes a presentation but no report has been made to the public about what has transpired.  This is her state of the Union/Town but she does not adhere to this information whether at workshops or at the end of the fiscal year)


  • Make such other reports as the Town council may require concerning the operation of Town Departments, offices and agencies subject to the Town Manager’s direction and supervision;  (Each Department is to report at Town Council Meetings monthly; however, in the case of the Fire Department there is no direction and additional benefits of a Fire SUV to one employee who should not be a firefighter was neither brought up to the Council or in a meeting.)


  • Keep the Town Council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the Town by providing a financial and budget progress report of each regular Council Meeting; (I have addressed this..
    Not only that, her contract requires she provide monthly Income Statements to the Council so not only are they aware of what our payables are, but aware where our money came from and to show Income versus Expense to make certain we are in line with our Budget. 


  • Make recommendations to the Town Council concerning the affairs of the Town and all agenda items; (She occasionally in her reports makes recommendations but in the case of the lighting, people, in this case Rhett Bullard, had difficulty understanding that we had to pay the entire $11,000 to the contractor and thereafter get all back but $3000 I believe.  In any event, she is difficult to understand and goes over her reports quickly so it is not only missed by citizens attending meetings but the councilors as well.  That is why she has a microphone but doesn’t use it but instead speaks in a monotone soft voice which could put anyone to sleep and that’s how Lofton and Bullard like it.)


  • Provide staff support services for the Mayor and Council members;  (This is something all the attorneys at Dr. Miller’s hearing ignored.  But the result would have been the same anyway since she was pre-judged prior to the hearing. The Councilors and Mayor should be allowed to be provided staff support services.  Yet all Dr. Miller asked for was assistance and she was raked over the coals by the Thugs of Three and charged with Malfeasance.  The Council hired the Manager and the least she could do is respect the councilors requests; Yet this is probably the Thugs decision and they didn’t want to take the blame, but Bullard sure showed his deep dark evil colors at the hearing and the idiots decided Miller would be charged for all requests as malfeasance, which is usually a criminal indictment.  What a bunch of losers!)


  • Be the purchasing agent of the Town, for the purchase of all supplies and equipment in accordance with the approved Town Budget and shall also conduct all sales of surplus Town owned, seized or forfeited personal property which the Town Council may authorize to be sold as having become unnecessary or unfit for the Town’s use.  All purchases and sales shall conform to such regulations as the Town Council may from time to time prescribe and shall allow for competition.  These restrictions, limitations or criteria on this authority shall be established by ordinance, including but not limited to bidding requirements.  (Tell me how Tebo follows any of this information.  The Fire Engine needed repairs and we at that time were provided $17,000 from Hamilton County?  Tebo never had a budget and if she did, they could do expenditures in accordance with such budget, but our budget is not aligned as other Towns align budgets per departments.  We do know how to spend excess legal expenses.  Also note The Town Council has never been told what the Town is selling including the land to Greene….until it was ready to go.  The Council had no idea that the Town got rid of the Wood Splitter and why?  Only Stacy Tebo makes these decisions and states “We can demolish the Carver School because the Town owns it.  But who should be first…The Citizens and the Citizens make the decisions as well as who they wish as elected officials, but no, Stacy believes she has so much power that she does not have to ask the council questions before doing what she feels like.)


  • Make such recommendations to the Council as the Manager deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the Town relating to the adoption of ordinances and resolutions. Provided, that nothing herein contained shall prevent the Town Council in the exercise of its legislative functions and powers from calling into consultation the boards or departments and other officers and employees of the Town wherever, in the judgment of the Council, it may be necessaryNeither the Council nor any Council Members shall interfere with the conduct of any department, head, officer or an employee in the discharge of his or her duties.  (I believe someone needs to really determine what “interference is by reading Florida Statute)  What Dr. Miller did was not interference but Miller had the right, as an elected official and stacy’s Boss per see,  to ASK for help.  Yet, Tebo allows Mayor Lofton to interfere Monday, Wednesday and Friday by his so called office at Town Hall.  Yet he really gives no help and even though we had a viable code enforcement problem, he sent us to Duke Energy who said it should be handled by the Town of White Springs.  But No, Lofton doesn’t believe in helping people neither does Stacy Tebo and Rhett just keeps fabricating things he doesn’t understand.)

As far as I am concerned this Manager fails in every area and it appears, like she has said in her applications to other towns, that she should remain a “Clerk” .  She has never changed job descriptions, supervised anyone or managed her job without some kind of help from others.  In fact she has no management qualities nor supervision qualities and has no idea what the public or the employees she is supposed to supervise need or want.  She is a waste of money!

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