Other “stuff” discussed at the meeting of January 8th

Walter McKenzie indicated he is going to attend a workshop relating to Social Media since small towns are struggling for positive ideas on how to handle Social Media.

Relative to Scott Gay getting sewer and water to his property, Mayor Lofton asked which side of the Street would the pipes go since Woody Woodard property no longer is annexed as part of the Town.

There will be a Special Events Meeting on January 21st at the Public library on January 21st.

Mayor Lofton advised he attended the Economic Development Meeting Thursday night and provided his vision for White Springs.  At the next meeting they will entertain SWAT pm tje Forst Tjirsdau om Febiaru at 6:30 pm.


The Police Department made a large ticket and drive sober drive but there were few citations because our police department prefers to educate people by providing warnings rather than arrests.

There were no incidents on the holidays or at the Christmas Parade which lasted about 15 minutes.

Fire Chief Stith stated it was quiet for the month of December with not a lot of activity.  The State of Florida will grant boots and helments under their bumper gear.


There were 26 unreleased runs from the State which said there wer 74 runs but we had 100 non fire runs.  The state only gave a partial report.

Stith answered McKenzie’s inquiry as to how many firefighters we have in the 5 mile raidus of White Springs, by stating we have three.  Joe Griffin has requested the names of the three firefighters, by a 119 request to Town Hall..

Code Enforcement indicated that there are two properties the DEP condemned.  Not all addresses are on all buildings and there may be more buildings under one address.   We were told that Shanda Worts, our Code Enforcement officer is working now on Cash for Cars so that the sitting cars will be removed and make the Town of White Springs look better.  She is doing the research now on that type of program.


There will be a clean-up day in the first week of April after the Azalea festival.


The CBDG Grant has been provided for the Carver Property and the Town has adoped March 10th under the agenda.  Advertisements for Professional services are being conducted.


Arthur Natteal cancelled all events he was attempting to place together for February 8th and 9th.


We are expecting $26,000 for the damages from Hurricane Irma and we have received 4 out of 5 proposals which encompasses $18,383.81 in funds.   Signatures are required from two sub-contractors to pick up yard debris.  Only one contract is necessary.


The Utility Building Calendar of Events will be provided with the water bill monthly.  All the dates have not been set per Mayor Lofton and the Town will continue to update events.  It is requested that the citizens let the Town know of the various events of the the Park and other events.

The Town will be closed at 11:00 am on Martin Luther King Day on the 21st of January.

Walter McKenzie added that the Ididaride was cancelled and will be rescheduled in May.


The thing I found most refreshing is Tracy Woodard’s presentation and reiteration that the Mayor’s position is only a weak mayor position.  Mayor Lofton acts like he is the biggest Wheel in Town and I am certain it must have hurt him to find out that his major job is to Chair the meetings and sign paperwork, but that he has no special powers or authority.  I guess he did not like my comments either because I was almost manacled and removed because not only did the Chief of Police sit up front but two of her A team were at the meeting to take anyone of us away that Lofty chose.  How nice and even though I gave him a big smile when he left the meeting, the dirty look I got from him was amazing….but he’d never admit that.  He lies to everyone and denies his lies when caught.  Way to go Mayor Lofty!  You must be taking lessons from Bullard or perhaps you always have been like you are and that is why you are on the illicit side of the law with Bullard and Brown.


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