Oh No, Joe! This One Stinks and the Worse It Gets the More We Know!

There is an ugly and foul-smelling story rising from the Left and it appears to be emanating from a familiar source, as the latest news of more suspicious activity from the Biden camp leaks out. Anyone who has lived on a farm or who enjoys cooking is probably familiar with the fact that onions get increasingly malodorous with every layer, and this is one onion that just smells bad.

Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, may have more layers than an onion. If your eyes begin to water at some point, it’s okay, a little cold water and fresh air will help, but we can’t lie the core of this onion might be rotten.

The stories and reports coming out of Ukraine will eventually be investigated thoroughly (likely after that Democratic created facade in the Nation’s Capitol fades). Those reports of inappropriate behavior, well, we will just wait and see.

And now…

The latest layer of this onion is more of the same but no less potent in its odor. According to the story, it involves another family member, this time Joe Biden’s brother, Frank. So how much money are we talking for the candidate who boasts being the common man’s candidate?

As the story reported, “In total, between 2009 and the end of the Obama administration, Frank Biden’s Caribbean projects benefited from more than $54 million in U.S. taxpayer loans.” And that was just on one of his brother’s project. That alone doesn’t necessarily incite doubt or wrongdoing, but in the light of the many available facts, it changes the view.

Our story gave examples of those facts like this one, “…despite the professional and personal handicaps, business opportunities were plentiful for Frank, especially after his brother paid a visit to the country.” Add to that example, countless others and now everything looks a bit more than sketchy.

The source of the majority of this information our story cites stems from a recent book from Peter Schweizer. In his book, Schweizer takes an in-depth look and discusses the potential abuse of power for profit engaged in by former Vice President Biden.

Following the aforementioned example of Frank Biden’s dealings with properties in Costa Rica, came another exploit, this time in Jamaica. As our story reported, “Having found Costa Rica fertile ground, Frank next turned his attention to other parts of the Caribbean, like Jamaica. Once again Frank’s business pivot coincided with a new development in brother’s political career.”

And that just kept happening, again and again, and again. All of these projects as the story shared were sponsored by taxpayers through Obama’s “… hopes of inaugurating a new era of global cooperation.”

Of course, as Schweizer’s book revealed, “leading the charge on that front was Joe Biden, who had long-standing ties to the region from his tenure leading the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.” It was a perfect set up for the Biden’s and a very lucrative one at that.

Who knew politics paid so well? Oh yes, that’s right, Joe Biden and apparently, his family knew. We are human though, and we aren’t going to pretend to be above anyone else either. If we are in a position where we can help a family member, a brother and especially our children, we will. Heck, we might even bend the rules just a little bit.

This wasn’t a little bit. No, this was millions upon millions of dollars – and they weren’t even their own dollars! That isn’t called bending the rules, that is breaking the rules and then throwing them away.  In some parts of the world, they might even call it theft.

If you have never lived in the country or on a farm, or if you aren’t much into cooking, don’t worry, that odor you smell is just a bad onion. Yes, we know, the more layers we peel the more it stinks.

Throw it out you say? Well, that is probably what we should do with a rotten onion. The more layers we peel and the more we know, the worse it gets, and this one just stinks.

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