Officials refuse to listen to anyone and continually run the gamete of corruption without consideration of the citizens

Council Members may laugh at the fact that we ask that they follow the law and keep the citizens apprised by bringing transparency on our blog.  You are angered when we point out the fallacies involved the Town’s workings.  Perhaps it is your unwillingness or inability to learn from your past actions.  You feel only you are right and the Griffins cannot make suggestions to improve what you currently have because that would admit failure.  But what is it that you have?


Let’s look at the initial closing of SHE and the fact that the Mayor desired to start a Charter School.  With Two attorneys assisting her, there were numerous requirements which were not followed.  I can understand a failure the first time but really, a second time?  Joe Griffin really wanted something to work for the Citizens so besides complaining, using your definition, about the conditions of SHE to the Town, he went directly to Martha Butler to see what exactly was required to fix the Charter school requirements so that the second try would be successful.  He printed the information on the blog which required amendments to the original Charter School application but why would anyone listen to Joe or I?  It ultimately fell short of meeting the requirements the second time when only certain issues needed to be complied with.  Yes, the Town officials whined when at the School Board Meeting SHE was to be closed, but should not the officials, the Town Manager, the Mayor and Vice Mayor have done something prior when the notices came out to repair SHE.  Either they loved and embraced failure or they just were not interested in saving SHE or starting a Charter School.


Then entered Tim Day who applied for the Town Manager’s position;  Tim Day had extensive Charter School experience and knew how to get around certain requirements such as nullifying the requirement of having 200 children attend by reason of providing specialty courses which would allow only some 170 students to attend.  Tim was an instructor for Firefighter school as well as prior Town Manager experience and an education which the Town Charter requires.  The excuse was made that there was bad publicity about Tim Day similar to all the bad publicity which was published in the newspaper about Joe.  Now Tim Day did not feel like taking suit against those that besmirched his name, mainly because of the costs involved but there was evidence that his record was cleared. Only one individual who wanted Tim’s job was to blame.  In Joe’s case, there were more than one individual who wished to silence Joe forever as well as me (Karin) so that the lawlessness and corruption by town officials could continue.

It is sad indeed however, because, here the Mayor had the opportunity to again get assistance to begin a charter school with Tim Day’s help.  So, there are two reasons this did not happen; either she was never serious about starting a Charter School or she could not choose someone Joe and Karin Griffin would recommend.  I believe it is the latter due to the fact that the Officials, even though they must pledge to follow the Laws of the State and the Constitution, they have no intention of doing so if it does not benefit them in some way.   Because of the alleged refusal to learn from past failures, the Children of White Springs will be transported twenty miles one way to school.  The Mayor made some comments about Mr. Day’s past which was small in comparison to what we have now and it involved fighting siblings for his father’s care and an employee who lied about him so he could get his job…but the papers did not pick it up.


Then there is Walter McKenzie whose campaign was that he attended multiple meetings and of what good is it to attend something, if nothing happens, which may be considered successful as to the resultant?  Has there been improvement or is there rather extortion by McKenzie and his friends.


Let’s take the failed Broadband situation.  Walter was on the board and had to see that the NFBA was going down the hill immediately after its inception. Many of the municipality complaints stemmed from the fact that there was no real plan nor were there financials.  Understanding the difficulty of understanding the General Principals of Accounting by its officials and the fact that there have been no retained earnings for years, I can understand why the NFBA went down.  However, my point here is that if municipalities complained or would not join due to various reasons which were required of the NFBA to comply with had it wished to, it may have been a success rather than a failure.  But one thing we know about Walter and the Town officials is the fact that when it is “Other People’s Money”, there is less care.  They love spending other people’s money. It appears they do as they wish for their own egos rather than assisting the town.


Then there was the HOPE program.  The HOPE program is a program for children which fails and starts again and then faces failure again.  Part of the reason is that in order to please the special folks who are friends of the Mayor, they are paid extremely well and then the money runs out and it fails again. Once the donor funds are gone, new volunteers were sought at no pay whatsoever.  Thus, volunteers will not give their time because why should they?  Others are paid and when the money runs out, they are asked to volunteer their time when they know others had been paid and those people apparently were in it to secure money.  Spencer Lofton was one of them. And if the special strokes for special folks are not enough one must look at the actual character of those who were hired or were involved in the HOPE program.  Some of these individuals should not have been allowed to be around children, like Spencer Lofton and Robert Townsend.

Now the HOPE program is securing donations wherever they can get them.  There was to be a site where donations could be offered by people on the internet but it never showed up.

We know everyone is related in some way to everyone else in town.  But the real winners like Be Faithful Coker and even our current Town Manager are related to Nikki Williams.  It seems is though in order to work or get involved in White Springs, you better be a criminal or know how to evade jail time but know how to steal from others.


We all have had our failures and in order to achieve success, it has been dependent upon our learning from our mistakes and trying and trying again to achieve the success we require.  My complaints regarding the Town Officials has always been that there is some type of ego going on whereby they do not feel they can make mistakes; they have to be right all the time otherwise they may lose face among their friends.  Now, no one is right all the time so it is ridiculous that they refuse to learn anything which is new and especially relating to following the laws of the State and the Federal Government.


Since we have not heard, we wonder if they ever have taken the State’s required ethics course and if they did, do they realize what they are doing wrong?  Perhaps they know better but they have been able to go on in the manner in which they have for years.  Had it not been for activists such as Griffins who spoil their opportunity to rule as they wish without consideration of its citizens, they could go on until they may bankrupt its citizens or the town.  No one official wishes to admit they are wrong but are the first to point fingers at others and if those fingers are not workable, they will fabricate lies and spew hate through their friends the Camels, the Satirist, the various anonymous writers and the supermen who honor them or are extorted in doing so because they may receive some sort of benefit.


Since I have moved here, I certainly can understand Joe’s frustration.  In fact many of our friends could not believe how Joe could have sustained the abuse by the Town for all of these years.  Yes, it has been frustrating for me as well.  I wrote only one request to the town and when there was no response, I gave it up early on and any request I may need (119) I ask Joe to secure the information (i.e. like the mandate which was found not to be a mandate for air cards).  Thank God one of the Griffins has patience.  It was never one of my virtues.


I have never met people like those who run our town in any of the towns I have lived nor in business.  If one is not liked in White Springs or is a threat in posing the truth about the Town’s corruption, the officials will cut their nose to spite their face in order to attack one with sheer vengeance.  They even now set a precedent that if one cannot prove something on an employment application or show copies of every diploma, one may be arrested and convicted for fraud; that is if you are not liked.  As to their friends, some of which have had multiple arrests, or ethics violations or violations of character, that will be acceptable as it has been in the past.  The more corruption the better!  To the town officials, I say, it is time to take responsibility for your failures, understand what went wrong and go on to achieve success for the benefit of the White Springs Citizens.











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