Mayor Miller found a new Technologies Management Company for WS

Mayor Helen Miller and Vice Mayor Walter McKenzie attended the recent Suwannee League of Cities Dinner Meeting at which the Speaker was from TrueChoice Technology. After the meeting Mayor Miller spoke to the representative and secured information so that the representative could get together with Computer Guru and Town Manager Tommie Jerome Jones.  Tommie said how surprised the representative was that Tommie has so much technical computer information.

Currently all of our departments in White Springs have telecommunications problems with phone, high tech internet, etc.  Currently our service provider is Windstream.   TrueChoice Technology out of Sandford provided White Springs with a quotation of $500 a month as compared to the $750 a month we were paying.  In fact Chief Rodriquenz will now have information on her computers encrypted with new technology.  Until it is determined the new system meets our needs both systems, the old and new will run parallel. to each other so no information is lost.

At the price quoted of $500 a month Mayor Miller stated we need to act on the matter since TrueChoice will provide the Town increased capability and decreased cost.

TrueChoice is a Technology Management Company which works with the best Internet, voice, Data  Mobility, Cyber Security Solutions;, Cloud and Vol P providers to offer customized effective and efficient programs which are unique to its customers which consists specifically of Government Entities in the State of Florida.. This service also includes cabling and wiring.  It prides itself on exceptional “ customer-centric” service before, during and long after the sale.   TrueChoice acts as an extension of a customer’s staff meeting all of the customer’s telecom and data needs. If there is a problem TrueChoice will correct an issue before you realize there is a problem.  They also will review bills and handle any problems so there is no lapse because a bill has not been paid.   Manager jones also shared this information with Hamilton county since it is a great opportunity and one in which will save the County money.

White Springs will be writing a letter to the current vendor, Windstream, to advise them of the change.  The Council approved the TrueChoice proposal with a 5-0 vote.  This means Manager Jones will not have to work with Managing the programs as he anticipated in his interviews.

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