Lofton was in for the fix before the election but he sure thinks he has power he doesn’t really have

Yes, with Spencer Lofton the fix was in for him to be Mayor prior to the April 24, 2018 election.   It is interesting that Michael Vinson wrote to Spencer Lofton on the South Hamilton Elementary Electric costs and Spencer Lofton wrote to him on April 26 th Thank him for the numbers “Now that the election is over I shall be creating a proposal which wil create a win/win deal for all involved.  I now need the contract information to assist me with the win/win/win situation.  I will soon again contract Nutrien to find out where they wish to fit in with the property.
Really?  We have a weak form of Mayor/councelors /Town Manager.  Spencer Lofton thinks he’s the greates negotiator ever but all he presents are dreams and video slides.  It’s a pie in the sky situation if you have not figured out a business plan; how things will be paid for; securing a leader of some type who people may wish to shop at or do business with; plus determining actual costs for insurance, specific renovations which Lofty said tenants would pay for, another pipe dream, and have all the tenants lined up the costs associated with the building, all expenses that may be incurred to get the building up to  code; the cost to secure additional water so there is ample water pressure for fighting a fire, etc.   I have never seen such ignorance and you would think that Rhett, as an attorney would know at least a percentage of what I know and help Lofty out.  No all Rhett said is first you complain that we don’t do anything and when we set out to do something you complain.  No, these officials do not have what it takes and Stacy herself should be familiar with accounting/finance, commercial and municipal insurance, loss control, inventory control, management experience, job descriptions, personnel manual, the charter, the Municipal Ordinances, resolutions and Land Development regulations, State Laws, Federal Laws, Human Resources, grant writing, etc…but now I am uncertain whether she really has an MPA.  Woo is me and we pay her more than anyone we have had in this position and she’s a total bust.  What has she done.  Has she ever even looked into the Ordinances and LDR’s much less, she is responsible for actual economic development, not Spencer Lofton.  So far she just rides on the Grand writers and what former Mayor Miller put in place.  No wonder these people are so envious of Miller.


Spencer Lofton, contrary to your belief, you are only a figure head, you don’t need an office and you get to sign things.  A mayor only chairs and has no more powers than any of the other councilors….only Stacy Tebo has the power to do anything and obviously you wish for her to stay and bankrupt White Springs because you do not know any better.

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