Johnny Bullard, Chairperson of the Hamilton County School Board’s final on SHE

I think as soon as possible given the response from our Board Attorney, it should be made clear to all parties that the School Board is not interested in handing over the property at South to any entity.  I think it would be a slap in the face of taxpayers if ew did.  The school was paid for by the entire south end of the county and not just the Town of White Springs.  I have had a lot of feedback from folks who consider the offer made by the town to be “dreamlikke” and “pie in the sky”.
I think we should make it clear we are about leasing given the parameters of te response drafted by the Board Attorney and give the Town 30 days to respond regarding those parameters.
Each individual who comes and wants to make a presentation should be provided with the response by the School Board Attorney which I thought was complete, well written and thought through.
If the response is not satisfactory to the Board and the advice given by our attorney, we should move forward with having the property appraised and put up for sale.
I admire the plans of the Town of White Springs.  My worry would be for the property given they could not keep the lease up on the Nature and Heritage Tourism Center for a little over $700  per month.  I don’t know how, given their income stream, they would keep up South.  I am being realistic.
I would rather see the property go to someone who might feasibly move the property to be part of the tax roll in the county and to add to our tax base than to see it potentially go to “rack and ruin” as part of a plan that I cannot foresee success given the location of this property.


This was Johnny Bullard’s letter to Rex Mitchell, Superintendent of Schools dated September 11, 2019 at 10:42-51 AM  so why on Earth is Lofty still bring his dream to the Economic Development Committee and the people.  Does he not understand?

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