Jasper begins a Farmer’s Market while White Springs Swap meet has long been ruined by Stacy Tebo

Today’s Jasper News indicated a monthly Saturday Farmers Market Days will begin January 5th from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Central Walkway in Downtown Jasper.

Before Stacy Tebo stopped our swap meets by charging $30.00 per entry without advanced notice, we also had something to look forward once a month on Saturdays.  It was where neighbors found neighbors and items of interest new or used and everyone loved it.

There is so much this Town has ruined and not only was it a festive event, but people were able to buy or trade items at the meet and it could have expanded into something big, but no, Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo are running the show and as a result, our people will now have to go to Jasper to sell their wares.


We have many talented people who do woodworking, painting, making walking canes, selling preserves, Avon, and western ware.

Nice going idiots   You obviously have done much to ruin White Springs and make certain there is no longer camaraderie among neighbors,and among areas outside of town where people can meet and have some food at the hardware store or our two restaurants.


Karin for the blog


Karin for the blog


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