Instead of banging on the County Rhett and Steve, did you ask the County for help on the repairs of equipment?

Your white springs fire truck had been towed into the shop on January 4th  around 11:30 am. It was just there in the shop for over a month. That is the old truck not the one we got from Windsor. Funny how Steve was just bragging about having it back an now look 2 days later its being towed to the shop now the town has 0 fire protection but the brush truck.

My understanding also is that one of the fire engines was towed back because White Springs could not afford the repairs per Stacy Tebo, at the December meeting.

This is the deal White Springs.  The Board of County Commissioners is not against you but trying to assist White Springs.  It is not the Commissioner’s fault that White Springs does not have a viable Fire Department and the reason is that Rhett Bullard needs to pay for extortion to Andrew Greene by keeping this lazy employee in a cush job, giving Andrew the Fire SUV for Andrews’s personal use and allowing him to use Town Credit Cards for Fuel and Maintenance.

When you condemn the county for providing a Hamilton County Medical Emergency  Vehicle for  using lights in your station, which Maybe Andrew forgot to take out since it is his office, this is sad indeed.  Hamilton County at least will assist the Black section of Town which our Fire Department sadly will ignore.


Insofar as fire engine repairs, did Stacy Tebo or Chief Stith ask Hamilton County if they would assist White Springs in Fire Engine Repairs?   If you talked to the Commissioners, they may assist you but instead you have done nothing Rhett and Stacy but badmouth the Board of Commissioners.  What a group of hypocrites you all are.



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