If Willie runs, remember you don’t need another corrupt person to be voted into the Council

Don’t even consider voting for Willie Jefferson if he runs for council again this year.  I say this because he is self serving and even used Town Facilities for vagrants he liked before he was caught. And for a deputy or being in law enforcement, it is a bet he never follows the law.
He is the one who needed a community center so that people in the area would vote for him, but it only happened this year.  He did not listen to his committee and at that time as the Gang of Three, he helped facilitate advertisements out of the area so that the citizens wouldn’t know.  And those advertisements did not say that the Carver School would have to be demolished even though it is on the registry as a historical building.  At one time, during Townsend’s tenure as Town Manager, Nikki William’s dad secured a grant for $250,000 to fix the roof and other areas of the school.  However, Townsend said that area was only for housing and he refused the grant.
You want a historic site in White Springs, then fix the School and one could have people hired in vintage clothing of the time, showing people what transpired at the school, including some of the games.  In other words, it should be a museum with allowance for children to do art projects and musical dramas, which people would pay to see.
Then there is the Tilford which is known for his hauntings on the upper levels.  We need a TV crew to come in to the Tilford and see whether they could get these ghosts on their infrared cameras.  It would be an advertisement and there could be a curator who could provide the history of the Tilford.  Savannah, who states they have more hauntings than any other City in the United States, makes a ton of money for excursions whether tombstones or buildings and again there would be money for these events.
Willie Jefferson  Councilman for White Springs and Deputy Sheriff of Hamilton County at the time before moving to Columbia County was allowed special favors the average citizen is not allowed, such as right of a Yellow Bond.  The Yellow Bond is used only by Hamilton County Sheriff’s as a “get out of jail” card without paying for a bond.  It is unethical and it proves that only certain people are special under the law.  This has to stop!  I am sick of dirty law enforcement who lie under oath like Deputy Fouraker did and people like Deputy Jefferson who appears to be above the law. Deputy Jefferson can take his son out of jail without his son receiving retribution or punishment.  Harold Reid should be ashamed of himself for allowing the Yellow Bond as a special favor to his deputies only.  It is time for Justice to be fair to all and not just a certain few who not only take advantage of the yellow bond but who provide favors only for specific individuals while hurting the Citizens of Hamilton County with dishonor and unfair treatment.
The young people love Willie because there is always some alcoholic beverages and a party atmosphere.  However, I am not certain why he bars his current wife in his house not giving her American rights.  We shouldn’t have slavery any longer but who knows, Maybe Willie in a past life was a slave owner and his alpha brain cannot distinguish that time from the present.
Willie liked the way Ms. Tebo looked, even though her dissertation of how she learned this and that and never stated once what she could do to improve White Spring.  In fact his comment was “I want that girl” and now we have her without ever checking out her background.  He even chastised Anita Rivers frequently and told Anita that she is her own problem because Anita wished to do what is right and fair to all citizens. She is the one who stopped the vagrancy on your dime.
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