I imagine the Carver School is History since we got the CBDG Grant for a community center

If you read your flyer sent with the Utility Bill from the Town of White Springs, you will note that the Town has been awarded a grant for $600,000 from the CDBG program to build a community center on the Carver Property.


You may recall that the notices of this grant were never placed in a local newspaper and furthermore the demolition of the school was not stated in the newspapers but only was included as a quotation from Hamilton County as to the demolition of the Carver School.


In Mr. Louie Goodin, Hamilton County Coordinator’s letter of February 13, 2017 addressed to Stacy Tebo, Town Manager, it was stated The Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners has agreed to demolish and remove all those buildings, currently referred to as “Old Carver School”, provided there is no discovery of asbestos or lead paint, which to my knowledge the asbestos was removed by reason of a $13,000 donation from PCS/Nutrient.


The County stated they would utilize its Road Department employees and equipment to perform the demolition and clearing of the property.  The following was the estimate of demolition costs for the County to perform work at the Carver School in White Springs

A breakdown was provided stipulating there would be a duration of three weeks at 40 hours weekly with a breakdown for the Excavator, Dozer, Gradall, Dumptrucks, Equipment Mobilization (transport) Land fill fees of 2304 tons; Personnel for a estimated amount of $160,700.  Whether that indication will be the actual amount is unknown.


Whether there is Lead Paint, I do not know nor have a record of that.  But if someone gives Stacy Tebo an estimate of Costs how could it be construed that the project would be done by Hamilton County for free, which was indicated at the time in a workshop?  Furthermore, if Hamilton County could not do the job because of Lead Paint, some other contractor who handles hazardous materials would have to do the job and does Ms. Tebo feel that would be free also.


Now that we have the CDBG Grant for $600,000, we thus would have to deduct $160,700 if the estimate may be the actual cost, minus engineering for the new building of at least $25,000, which would leave $414,300.   Based upon a cost  of $400 per square foot, which is probably low for a hurricane proof structure, the so called Community Center may be 1,036 square feet.  Not much square footage for a community center and that does not include kitchen appliances.


We feel a community Center would be nice in that part of Town but I am against demolishing the Carver School because it is a historical building which could be repaired.  But to this point the only people who have protested is the Williams Family so if any of you are also upset, I believe it is time that you attended this Tuesday night’s meeting.


I am including information below which we had on the blog previously for which the Town, especially Stacy Tebo, indicated that the Williams could not write a  letter in the manner in which it was written even if there are Educators in the family…and as always, as Mayor Lofty continues to do, they Blame Helen Miller for writing the letter and insulted the Williams as if they do not have the ability to write.


Unlike Hamilton County, our insurance does not cover Employees As Contractors or for building Roads, so perhaps Stacy Tebo better make certain she adds our Street and Road Guy Mr. Vaughn to the General Liability policy if he intends to operate the excavator as well as to the Workers Compensation policy.  Since as a manager she doesn’t care about protecting the Town for Special Events, I would venture to guess she has done nothing to cover the operation of construction operators or their operations. Of course, Rhett, as an attorney who does not have a legal insurance background, will always tell you everything is covered.  I even bet the garaging for vehicles has never been changed from White Springs Either.


Karin for the blog



Another Grant is being secured for $600,000 and the The Carver school is set for demolition if the grant is awarded (see my comments from tonight’s workshop!


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