I Decided to let you know

Initially I was not going to place this on the blog but since it has been investigated and the Respondent each will be given ten minutes to provide statements to the Commission and since the complaints are over two years old, this is what is known:

Complaint 18-019 pertaining to Stacy Tebo  has three parts which will be determined (1) Andrew Greene’s use of the Red SUV for personal use as the Assistant Fire Chief   (2)  Stacy Tebo’s Percoset use in accordance with the Rivers Deposition in part  (3) John Davis’s removal as a police officer for no apparent reason except for retaliation when he, as a Trained Code Enforcement officer, resigned because it was demanded he do his job contrary to the Land Development Regulations.

Complaint 18-089 pertaining to Tonja Brown in exercising our Trained Code Enforcement Officer John Davis do his job contrary to the Land Development Regulations which resulted him in being told to resign or be fired as a Police Officer just after the birth of his first child.

Complaint  18-015 pertaining to Rhett Bullard:  This complaint comprises of his allowance for the hiring of Attorney Elkind; allowing the Fire SUV for Assistant Fire Chief’s personal use; The hiring of Robert Larkin III, Esquire with him and Attorney Koberlein believing the Council approved Larkin’s hiring in the River’s case;  Dr. Miller’s hearing; The lack of Contract with Attorney Elkind when representing the Town of White Springs; How we lost our fire Chief Pittman and the fire department, the Vote of No Confidence on Greene to the Council; Rhett Bullard not remitting a deposit of $300 to the Town of White Springs for Sewer and Water when purchasing his home which also pertains to Pam Tomlinson under 18-029.  Since it is unknown if Mr. Bullard’s case with the Commission will include all or some, I can only reiterate what my complaint entailed and we will not know until January 24th.

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