I believe the Town will not give Curtis opportunities because of the color of his skin – The Town is disgusting.

I can’t believe that the Town has not offered Curtis the opportunity to have been Ray Vaughn’s assistant.  Her is a hard working intelligent young man who has been loyal to the Town.  Is it because the Town discriminates against a person because of the color of his skin?  That is sad indeed.

Instead you hire an assistant who lied that he is an electrician; who lied that he is a plumber; who has no formal education in either; and who is a no-show at his former work place.  Stacy Tebo didn’t even check his records out because Rhett Bullard just allows friends of his friends choose who they want.

Well, now Andrew Greene is finally leaving and it seems poor to me that you would not allow Curtis to take the educational classes on line to be the “Water/Sewer” guy.  Curtis is a valuable employee and has put up with a lot especially having to work with this Town, in my opinion.  If you do not recruit Curtis for anything other than mowing grass which the new white “electrician plumber” should be doing, you are definitely one discriminating Town.


Everyone deserves a chance in life to increase their standard of living but only those Rhett Bullard chooses are the ones who get ahead in life even if they are liars, don’t show up for work, are lazy, etc.   Give Curtis a chance in life.


Karin Griffin

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