How I feel about the Steel Barrier, the Government Partial Shutdown and the Democratic Hypocrites

What I learned from a former FBI agent who was interview on FOX is that the reason the democrats are holding Trump hostage are two reasons; Of course they dislike him because Hillary did not win and as a result the liberal media continually puts our fake news because of Trump Derangement but the main reasons are (Schumer and Pelosi wish to look good to the new kids in congress many of which are socialists and the main reason is that the Democrats receive a lot of lobbyists money from Silicon Valley for their technologies.  So if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can keep lying and causing further problems for our president, it is obvious they really do not care about changing the immigration laws or protecting our Boarders,
Pelosi and Schumer  are offering Silicon Valley technologies instead of a wall and of course with all technologies, what they put out today, these technologies will be old in a few years, and have to be replaced again by more innovated technologies, so the government will have to spend again.  Furthermore, the walls are permanent. Furthermore, all the Democrats Presidents including Obama and President”W” Bush drew up legislation for a wall previously, had approval for the Wall but never went forward with the wall.
Trump’s idea of a barrier is far better. And because he negotiated a fair Trade deal with Mexico, which Mexico now is holding the immigrants on their side of the boarder, the wall, because of the trade deal will be paid for by Mexico in Time.  Not only will the boarder patrol see illegals between the steel slats, giving them an opportunity to prepare for what is coming at them , but it will save them from be shot or killed by rocks which has transpired recently.  A Wall works in California in stopping illegal immigration but even though California consists mainly Liberals, they refuse to see the sense of the wall and the fact that their area has been saved because of the barrier, doesn’t seem to register with these liberals or the liberal media.
Oh and by the way besides the criminals trying to cross our boarders so they can perform jihad on Americans, there are those captured by the media that said they were offered jobs in Mexico but Mexico does not pay enough, only America.  So if one was running away from a bad regime of some sort, would it matter where you landed; Mexico or America; because at least you may have a roof over your head and food for your family.  Something is wrong with this picture,
The Democrats refuse to negotiate for people who live paycheck-to-paycheck.

It’s even bigger than that.   They don’t consider Americans whose lives, safety, economy, and social service agencies are drained by these uninvited illegal immigrants.The figures from the NAS study are in 2012 dollars; converting them to 2018 dollars would raise them to $82,191. This estimate means that for every 100,000 illegal immigrants prevented from crossing illegally, it would save taxpayers $8.2 billion over the illegal immigrants’ lifetimes.


Saturday the president offered yet another compromise to reopen the government: There will be no concrete wall, only steel slat barriers; $5.7 billion for it;  $805 million for drug detection technology; $800 million for humanitarian assistance; almost 3,000 additional border patrol agents; 75 new immigration judges; and a three-year extension for TPS and DACA.


Nearly 400,000 people were apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border patrol agents for the fiscal year of 2018.  Walker from North Carolina stated it has to be measured by the human toll; 1/3 migrant women are sexually assaulted; 7/10 migrants are victims of violence; 20000 migrant children were illegally smuggled in one month.”


Karin Griffin

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