How do you think that the Rhett will try to get away with the WS debacles against him?

For one Thing, Rhett Bullard makes certain nothing is ever in writing.  And by now, he has asked Pam Tomlinson to sanitize any of the recordings which may have imputed him to criminal and lawless statements.  Yes, this has happened frequently and if he had Pam remove the evidence, I guess there is no chance in him getting caught for his misstatements of facts.


Next, he tells the FBI or the Joint Legislative Committee and DOT that he was truly innocent of any of these accusations.  After All it is all of Stacy Tebo’s fault since she is the Town Manager and CEO.  As the weak mayor form of government, he can only rely on Stacy Tebo’s decisions for the Town.  If he was misled, it was because Stacy Tebo lied to him and the Town Council.


It was she who alone decided to Pay Kenneth Hutcherson for the two years he was unable to work and his Finance Director had her hands in it as well.   Why would he think that Pam Tomlinson would cheat the citizens out of money by paying Hutcherson?  After all she was the finance director for all of these years.  And if Pam Tomlinson did something she should have not done, well it is up to her supervisor Town Manager Tebo to make certain the Council knows about it and make certain Pam is instructed on how to handle Town affairs or she should have Fired Tomlinson.


It was Stacy alone who gave Andrew all the benefits that were given to him and it was Stacy Tebo who did not like former Fire Chief Pittman, so Rhett had to say that he was innocent of all of these accusations.   Furthermore, it has been Councilor Tonja Brown who has been working with Stacy Tebo to get rid of Councilors and Citizens who neither Stacy, Pam or Tonja like.


As far as the money owed for the utility deposit, it was Pam Tomlinson who told him he did not have to pay the deposit.  If Pam should not have done it, it was Stacy’s job as a supervisor and manager to have have handled it correctly.  After all he is not familiar with every resolution made and works for may towns and counties.


Even with the forfeiture of Miller’s seat as councilor, it was Stacy and Pam who made the decisions and Rhett would not have known that Stacy and Pam had lied.  After all, Rhett was not the acting attorney, only a mere councilor and certainly the guilt lies with Stacy and Pam, not him.


And as to the Local Option Fuel Tax Revenues which are to be used for Transportation only and in a reserved fund, it was not his fault.  First of All, the Town’s CPA Ken Daniels should have known that this was to have been handled in a manner such as how grants are handled and for the exact purpose.  It was Ken Daniels who said that all LOFT funds could be used on administrative salaries, police, etc.  And Mr. Daniels had that in writing.  After all, the reason the State does not come after municipalities for such violations, if there is one, Rhett feels that the State believes all CPA’s for municipalities are doing the right thing….and we pay Mr. Daniels to make the right decisions.  Yet Stacy Tebo who has worked for the City of DeBary felt there was no wrong in her finance director handling the funds as she did as an overlap of money needed by the Town.  Remember Rhett never placed anything in writing and only followed the instructions given to him by the CPA and furthermore our Town Attorney agreed with the CPA after reading Statute 336.025.


And he admits that both Pam and Stacy disliked Helen Miller but that he did not feel that way but took the side of his Town Manager, unknowing she lied.  And if the Town Manager is taking drugs, poor Rhett had no idea whether they were prescription or not because after all the Town Manager’s records are not for the purview of citizens in spite of what Former Town Attorney Koberlein had to say.


And oh yes, former Attorney Koberlein at the end did not seek to like Rhett, he said.  Some of his advice Rhett felt would cause the Town Problems.  And the accusations made by the White Springs Journal are just that because Rhett feels they have no merit.


Furthermore it was Lofton’s and Browns idea to pay BeFaithful because they were friends of hers and the Rhett had nothing to do with that.


Last but not least he told the FBI and JLAC that he has put his full trust in Tebo and he should have checked into some of her affairs, since apparently she did not do well in DeBary.  But he trusted both Pam and Stacy to do the right thing.   White Springs has a problem getting attorneys and town managers to stay.


So as he answers each question to the FBI and JLAC, he professes, it has been Stacy Tebo’s and Pam Tomlinson’s fault who have solely worked with Tonja Brown and now Mayor Spencer Lofton to hurt the Citizens of White Springs,  which he never would do.


Watch him slither out of cuffs as he blames Lofton, Brown, Tomlinson and Tebo since this is a weak mayor/Town Manager form of government.


And none of you who have stuck up for his demand realized that Rhett Bullard will definitely turn against you to save his own skin.   No one is important to him but himself.  Lots of luck Tebo, Brown, Tomlinson, Lofton, Hatton  and Daniels.



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