I thought it would be well timed to begin a list of what has happened with the town since we’ve moved  into town, the things I and Karin have fought for and been ignored by Town Managers and the Councils.

This listing is by no means exhaustive but highlights SOME of the things we’ve fought for and been denied by the town Council. This list covers approximately 30% of what we’ve fought for.

  • Most recently was my battle with the town to put the new community center on the Northwest Corner of the school property. Town Council ignored my concerns but ultimately have acquiesced to Tommie’s suggestion for the same thing.
  • Twice made up a town budget that was rejected. Either one of them would have saved the town over $100,000 per budget year. Rejected by the Town Council
  • Suggested Fire Department service charge for empty lots, rejected by the town council.
  • Zoning code not enforced for 21 years, still not being enforced.
  • Suggested that the town not hire a child pedophile as its town manager.
  • Rejected the idea that Henry Dunn was let go of his prior job in Indiana for cause yet became the Town Manager for White Springs. Fired for trying to enforce the zoning code.
  • Opposed hiring Bob Farley because he was fired from his prior job in Live Oak. He Increased sewer rates 250%. New Sewer rates supported by Council
  • First to opposed Stacy Tebo as incompetent.
  • Recommended Bill Lawrence for Town Manager and then wouldn’t listen to him
  • First and only person to oppose Tommie for lack of ability, knowleddge and lying on Resume and to the Council.
  • Opposed Town’s insistence that State Attorney General’s opinions are not binding on the town.
  • Opposed to White Springs getting involved in the SHE change of ownership.
  • Opposed to the Town trying to get a RV Park because the money earned wouldn’t cover the costs of bathrooms and showers.
  • Provided to the town the response logs for the old fire department (under Stith) received from the call center in Jasper. Ignored by Town Council.
  • Provided at least three legal ways to get rid of Tebo that the council ignored.
  • First citizen to complain about Tebo’s illegal activities
  • Oposed Lofton negotiation on his own with the County Comissioners and the fire department.
  • Fought for the legal spending of LOFT funds. Denied by Council.
  • 300 Coitizen Complaints submitted not a one of them accepted.
  • Fought for a new food bank. Idea ignored by town council
  • Secured new trailer and Insurance for new food bank. Ignored by Council.
  • Opposed Attorney Elkind’s hiring by the town to defend and to appeal the Tebo flap.
  • Fought continual violation of Florida Statute 119 law.
  •  Fought continual violations of the 286.011, Sunshine Law
  • Opposed McKire, Helen and Rhett violating charter with unauthorized actions as Mayor.
  •  Opposed two CPA Choices for the town, ignored by Council
  •  Opposed firing Pittman, ignored by Council. Took two years to get him back.
  • Opposed Stith as Fire Chief
  • Opposed Andrew from having Fire Depatment SUV for own personal use. Ignored by Council.
  • Fought for Transparency in all government operations. Ignored by Council.

As I said, these are just a few of the items I have fought for with the Council and Town Managers. Not a one of them has ever been accepted by the Council or the town.


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