Good Election advice from contributor Rivers

One Reply to “Bullard feels County taking advantage of our electricity and fire Station by having EMS in White Springs”

  1. If the County suggested trying the contract out for 1 year instead of 2 and the Council still won’t sign it, then that says it all. Steve and Andrew want to get paid for no work. And ALL the other idiots minus Helen Miller just want money to spend however they want. PEOPLE WAKE UP AND REALIZE WHO IS FOR YOU!
    REMEMBER: It is almost election time and they have lots of free events and free food planned for you to buy your vote. No one said that you can’t eat their free food and enjoy their free events and lie to them that you will vote for them and don’t actually vote for them. Look at it this way, THEY LIE TO YOU WHEN THEY TELL YOU WHAT THEY WILL DO FOR YOU! Ask yourself that question, what have they done for you or your children?
    Anita Rivers

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