Flow chart indicates Tebo does not have supervision for the Fire Department nor the Water/Wastewater operator – Council needs to become involved

I still have a problem with the five non-qualified applicant resumes.  It’s almost as if Pam Tomlinson made up these applications, after Joe Griffin submitted his to Town Hall.  But no applicant would ever use such a simplified resume with very little information which most shows they are totally unqualified.

But there is another point I would like to make.  Do you remember how Andrew Greene addressed his resignation?  It was listed as “To Whom it may Concern” meaning he either was unassured of who his supervisor is or he did not have a supervisor.  I would believe the latter because the Flow Chart indicates the Water Wastewater operator DOES NOT have supervision by Stacy Tebo.   Therefore, it should be the Town Council who should interview the two certified applicants along with Stacy Tebo.  If the Water Wastewater Operator is not listed as being supervised by Stacy Tebo the Council should have their hand in the interview process.


Also on the Flow Chart, the Volunteer Fire Department was not listed as under anyone’s supervision, so I believe removing Kevin Pittman as Fire Chief was a violation to the Chart and Stacy Tebo had no right removing him or doing what she has done to the Department.  This too should have been a decision by the Town Council, having the right to review what she fabricated as being reasons to remove him…..because she needed to keep Andrew Greene and favor Greene with benefits he should have never had based on the firefighters “Vote of No Confidence”   Likewise since we do not have a viable group of Certified Firefighters since only one certified firefighter appears to live in White Springs other than the Chief who does not fight fires, the Council needs to review this matter and set it straight, removing Chief Stith as Fire Chief, ascertaining that Greene will no longer be on the Fire Department nor will he receive special benefits and consider re-employing Chief Pittman upon formal interview and hearing his side of this ridiculous bunch of fabrications by the Town Council.  Then we may have certified firefighters who actually care about the Town of White Springs.


It is time all Councilors work and serve the citizens with the best possible people we possibly can have for our small town.


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