Contributor reflects many of the Citizens’ thoughts about the town


My thing is with this is the Ratt plus Steve are complaining about what little electric Hamilton EMS is using. Its costing the town too much money for them providing a free service to this community.
Did we all forget that king dumbshit Lofton wants to get the old elementary school? how much is the electric bill going to run us? I bet a hell of a lot more then what little EMS is using. These people on the council are so stupid besides Doc.Miller.
When the hell are you town folk going to wake up and stand up for your town.  These fucking idiot’s forget one major thing they don’t work for the manager.  They work us, the ones who voted these fools in.
Plus how the hell does the Mayor  lie every time he talks.   Lofton’s going to tell another grown man i.e. Walter who the hell he can and cannot talk to.  Mayor Lofton, you jackass, you have forgotten something that you are not the manager.  You are the mayor. Your one job and one and only job is to run the meetings.  That is it. This guy thinks he is the king of this town when all he is. is the joker.
I’ve about had it with these people stealing our money,  people not wanting to work for their money,  people lying every time they open their mouth. We don’t have a fire department.  We don’t have a true police department but rather security guards.  We don”t have a town manager who cares for this town; we have a drugged-out lady who at every opportunity she is trying to leave this town by applying elsewhere else.  Well let’s make that easier for her by firing her tomorrow.
We need a massive change in this town and it all starts with the election don’t vote for the same idiot’s who have been on this council for years and have done nothing for this town but run it into the ground. Lets make a change and vote new blood onto this council.  People who truly do care for this community and its citizens.

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