Common Practice has set a Precedence for White Springs

Let’s see.

We no longer have to comply with Ordinance 15-01, especially relating to the Transfer of property from one individual to another because “first deposit” does not state a definition relating to its meaning that first deposit is the first deposit made by the individual who had an account changed at town hall to his or her name.  And that transfers from the seller to the buyer no longer may be made because the deposit must be in the buyer’s name and the buyer be responsible for said payments.  Anyway, how many transfers like this have been made?   Walter McKenzie should know since he has been on the council for as long as Tonja Brown or longer.

Since ordinances on house condemnations, abandoned vehicles, long grass and a multitude of other ordinances have never been followed, and the council by common practices has allowed some people to not adhere to the ordinances, while others are told to abide by them, it is now a precedent that ordinances need not be followed.   If the ordinances are required to be followed in the future, then something needs to be in print,  relative “from this day forward, there shall be no exceptions”..  This has always been Joe’s pet peeve that not all citizens are receiving fair and equal treatment under the law since the council has always had “Special Strokes for Special Folks” which is defined as “Corruption”. Joe’s complaints were ignored for I believe fifteen or sixteen years, but of course, the owner of said properties was a friend and/or relative of some of the council members.  By the way, Walter, I only made one “Citizen’s complaint”.

Even during the nine years I have been in White Springs, various complaints by Joe,  about Pam Tomlinson’s accounting have been made, especially when the invoice to Hamilton County was not paid relative to the Jewett Street Project.  But alas, everyone else was blamed and this information was never provided to the Town Manager to do something about, nor has the council ever requested the Town Manager to investigate and write up Pam’s various violations.  Now we have more of a problem with our CPA who is attempting to clean up Pam’s messes.  But of course, the Council and Prior Managers have set up a precedence, so from hereon forward, our special person Pam Tomlinson, can continue to do a bad job but the Council will do nothing as nothing has been done in the past.  In fact some of the Griffin’s complaints have been associated with her performance; but of course, a precedence has been set that any complaints by either Griffin will be ignored.

We allowed Andrew Greene Town Vehicles and have never had a policy from Bob Farley’s tenure and the Council never made a complaint even though during Tebo’s tenure it was obvious that Greene was not doing his job as Assistant Fire Chief.  Of course it was stated six utilities operators were allowed Town Vehicles which is ridiculous.  Their salary should be the only benefit and the vehicles should remain in Town if they are including maintenance and fuel.  But there has always been special strokes for special folks and because it is COMMON PRACTICE for White Springs to allow staff to take cars home, similar to Chief of Police Rodriquenz at one time, without a policy from this day forward, anyone on staff asking for a Town Vehicle to drive back and forth from work should be given a Town vehicle.  The council has never done their job on this matter nor made a policy wherein it would be illegal for an employee to use the vehicle for personal use.  And by the way, Andrew Greene was seen by someone using the Fire SUV in Tampa and also in Orlando.  Furthermore, a stipulation must be made that the vehicle, if allowed to use back and forth to work, will not allow stops to stores on the way home.  Under Workers Compensation Law, if you provide a vehicle to an individual to and from work, any auto accident where the individual is hurt, will be handled under Worker’s Compensation Laws rather than under Personal Injury protection.  That is why many companies will not provide Company vehicles to go to and from work.  Furthermore, under workers compensation law, if an employee stops at a Store on the way home, they are not covered under workers compensation any longer for injuries if they are in an accident and injured after they leave the store.

By the way, I understand John Davis did not wish to go into his being asked to resign from the WSPD after resigning as Code Enforcement officer, but I wonder why the Council did not see fit to find out why Officer Davis was pushed out of his job after he returned from leave after the birth of his child.  He may not have cared one way or another but others care about his welfare and why didn’t the Council?

Also, in the case of Hutcherson where he was paid leave for almost two years, while unable to perform his duties, as Pam told me “Well he is sick and should be paid” , well Council Members, since you knew this and never questioned whether he had such leave and why he was not restricted to FMLA and the personnel manual of 30 days per year for each leave maximum, then no one has to follow the personnel manual or Charter.  From here on forward, any employee who becomes ill, and Pam Tomlinson has just taken such a leave, may require she also be paid for up to two years.  After all, Ms. Tomlinson is on FMLA leave and there is no way to prove how much leave she has been given each year, even though we know she has taken every leave, she will be able to demand the money because there is no  rule forbidding it since it has been done by Common practice by the Town Managers and allowed in accordance with the Charter for the Manager to extend the leave without Council approval.  And because of the Hutcherson situation, if Manager Jones does not allow it, White Springs may be sued and White Springs will lose.

In the future because the Town Council and specifically Walter McKenzie wished to negotiate the situation, Be Faithful Coker was paid $3,000 even though she  could not be promised the full of the amount of the Grant she hoped to get, the Council will have to pay the excess of any Grant in the future even though it is not done through the Town.  Because of Common Practice, the Council may not deny anyone money for any projects which an individual comes forward with.  The Council has given donations to a young Brown Woman who was going to college (Spencer Lofton made it look like he was forking out the money); The Strong Foundation received $2,000; Kizzie Burke and the Ice Cream Social; and a multitude of others.  If only some of those who request money are given such money, then those who have been denied have the ability to sue the Town under a Civil Suit for denying them even though the Town is dead broke.   You may no longer deny anyone from receiving money, Council because if you give some, you must give all.

As for we Griffins, we are extremely happy to have attended the Commission on Ethics hearings for probable cause because what these findings have established is the fact that Joe Griffin and myself have been right all along relating to the Council not adhering to the Law, the Charter or Common Law.  As a result the Council Members have placed the Town of White Springs in Jeopardy and it is not for the Griffins not trying to tell the Council that they needed to do something which was necessary.

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