Clayton Woodard’s property removed from City Annex

Ordinance 19-01 removed the boundaries relating to Clayton Woodard’s storage property Effective January 1st, thereby contracting the boundaries of White Springs.

Mr Woodard’s property no longer will be assessed advelorum taxes and notices will be given to all of the State Agencies and County, including the Department of State.


Walter Mckenzie felt it was being withdrawn; however Mr. Woodard asked that the Town place it on the January 8th Meeting agenda.   It was approved by a motion made by Councilor Bullard and Seconded by Councilor Miller.   It was accepted with a 4/0 vote due to Woodard’s loss in confidence and the frustration of awaiting for utilities on the North Side of Town.


It was stated by Mayor Lofton that Scott gay was on it  and was shown several ways to get sewer and water out to his Motel in the same area as Woodard’s property.


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