Brazil’s admonishment of us and Karin’s response

Thank you Mr. Brazil for insinuating that my personal feelings and facts which are relayed to us would compromise my work ethics for work performed on behalf of the Town.   Many of those 119 requests in the past were requested by an official of the Town and we did so on the official’s behalf during Rhett’s tenure.
The problem today resides with the consultant/independent contractor versus employee situation we have in Town and we just wish the Town to abide by the Law.   Yes, lawsuits were instituted by Joe for violations of the Town and he should not have been his own pro see Lawyer or they would have been won.  We have fought for what is right in this Town and obviously, you do not seem to care how corrupt the Town is or why nothing has been done in the 20 years Joe has been here or the nine years I have been here.
In the past for Town Managers we have an alleged pedophile who was arrested and went to “Kiddie School”, a Chief of police who was a US Traitor, Stith and Greene and their illicit sexual affairs at the old fire station etc etc and what is funny, and really very sad is the fact that attorneys and outsiders can see it but people such as yourself cannot see what is happening. And who complained about Ms. Tebo and what was happening to White Springs? We compiled information given to us and fought for the firefighters on their behalf.  We would not have had the facts which we presented to the commission without the assistance of the White Springs officials who do not wish to be named but who wanted someone to handle the dirty work. But what we have heard of late is that Jennings and Jasper now wish to be like White Springs…corrupt.  How exciting is that? Now we have no law abiding towns.
As a woman starting a career in the 60’s when all things were not equal, I would not have had the opportunities for success in my life if I did not have work ethics which would be separated from my personal feelings.  Yes I was outspoken if I needed to be because something was wrong but the people I worked for were not as corrupt as the Town of White Springs and respected me.
I even volunteered for special events and was denied since I was the pre-parade coordinator and chairman of various events of the Minneapolis Aquatennial for ten years and I started Oxcart Days for the small town of Crookston, implementing everything from parades, to various events and theatrical events. Everything I did was placed in writing so people could continue without me.  I feel our events are boring and need new events but in order to have a great event one needs to work a year in advance.  We do things at last minute.
If you are happy with the way the Town is operating, and you apparently are, may God bless you.  Obviously you do not recognize the many things which are wrong and do not feel they need to be corrected.
Karin for the blog
PS   Joe and I were not the only ones thrown out of town meetings.  And that would include someone close to you who we respect and believe in. And why, because we wished to provide an attorney general’s opinion to the council.
Thomas W. Brazil

Gosh Joe, You and Karin have been at war with the Town since you moved here. You have inundated them with 119 request, sued the Town a couple of times, called past and present Town Managers, Town Council Members and some employees virtually every derogatory name in the book, been thrown out of countless Town meetings, have filed countless complaints with both the Town and the State and you are surprised they don’t want to have you or Karin
volunteer at Town Hall.

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