Boy is Walter column in the Jasper News classy these days.

Boy is the “Life in White Springs” classy these days, especially if you read the “Stuff to think about”.  Where have you ever seen a newspaper tell you to not eat beans before shopping at a grocery store or you may “fart” as Walter states…and then he goes on to tell you what to do if you happen to have flatulence.

But his lie of all times come in this statement “I don’t take myself that seriously.  I mean really, have you seen me?  I know not everyone agrees with me and I’m OK with that.  I harbor no belief that I can win an argument; by the same token, it’s not cool to keep poking the bear, so shut up already and enjoy life.”   Walter believes everything he says and does is right and if anyone can harbor dislike for people, it is Walter because he can’t even see someone else’s side.  Al he can do is talk and talk and sermon everyone if they do not agree with him.  It would be nice if Walter could once be open to  other’s ideas but alas with his age and old ideas that will never happen.  And not only that, even if he is deadly wrong, he takes the views of those who are condemning others as his own without knowing the facts and never will admit that he is one of the most bloviant council members ever who has not really accomplished anything in decades.


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