Another Contributor commented on Andrew’s resignation

How ironic, since he worked so hard to discredit his own family and the fire department as a whole last year. He didn’t have any problems ruining people’s lives because he couldn’t be the center of attention (oh excuse me, because his WIFE couldn’t). Wonder who threatened poor wittle Andrew, he runs as soon as any threat comes along and he can’t show his face in town proper without suffering for it. Guess his stunt last year didn’t pan out like it ‘should’ have. Sad!

I can’t see him having a job above janitor anywhere else because Columbia County won’t take him and his wife can’t get him a job at the hospital. His lame daddy doesn’t have any pull anymore either. Wasting oxygen outside of this county will probably not work out for him.

Seems like the rats are starting to run, bet there’s more to come.

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