Andrew Greene’s letter of resignation and his indications of abuse by Town Officials and Citizens

“January 11, 2019


To whom it may concern,


It is with great regret that I must inform you of my resignation as Utility Operator for the Town of White Springs.  My last day will be January 31, 2019.


I appreciate the opportunities I have been granted over the last 13 years while working for the Town of White Springs.  I am truly grateful for the experience I have gained working here.  I have recently been offered a position that will allow me to further my advancement and have decided to accept their offer.   There are several factors that have made this decision easier to make, although the Town Manager has been highly supportive of my actions and has truly been an asset to assist me in the many grants we have been awarded, certain members of the Town Council have allowed certain members of the community to defame and harass myself and my family.  These citizens have made my employment with the Town of White Springs detrimental to the well-being of my family.  I will be available to assist the Town during this time of transition to facilitate a smooth passing of my responsibilities.  Please let me know how I can be of assistance.





Joseph A. Greene II”


Karin’s Comment:   Defamation and Harassment by Citizens…that is a poor excuse dear little Andrew. I cannot speak for the firefighters who we lost because of you and your shenanigans, but I can truthfully state what you have done to Joe Griffin and myself.  What about your defamation of Joe Griffin.  You, your cousin and family had joined the Camel Club when I first moved here and there were times I was fearful for my life and we had to call Chief Brookins.  You threw firecrackers at our house and jeep which a Police Officer had to explain would put you in jail.  You and your Fire Chief had sex parties which were stopped by former Manager Bob Farley and apparently some of those sexual proclivities were put on Tape by Rhett Bullard when he made a police report of items stolen.  Not only that you condemned Joe Griffin for anything bad which happened in White Springs and both he and I were called names.  You and your kind, including Town Councilors, and staff tried to place Joe Griffin in jail by reason of a so-called uttering a false document.  As I said before, Joe did not lie about anything, including his education.  And if you think that he was without the awards he had received in South Asia, why would his DD-214 show that he was a public affairs office   (1650), a Lieutenant in the Navy (not the reserve) if he did not have the ornamentation when a public affairs officer?  It doesn’t happen!  Yet all of you, including your father did not believe what Joe said and there were many more who faced the same set of circumstances in the military regarding their heroic efforts.   You have continually spent very little time at your job and you did not deserve a fire emergency SUV for your personal use.  I forgot how you made our goat suffer before he died at your hands.

I am happy for you that you have found something out of White Springs, but believe me, what was said about you has been verified and none of it is defamation.  Had it been construed that, you could have sued, but the problem is, the truth would have prevailed.  It is time you started a new life with your wife, among people who really do not know what you have done.  You and your kin have done much more to Joe and I in the way of Harassment and defamation; yet the third judicial circuit protected you as did the Town protect you when you got rid of the evidence in Robert Townsend’s case, but again, the Town always looks away to those who really are into illicit and corrupt activities but hurt those who are honest good people.  I have never seen such nastiness in the Town of White Springs but you sir, were part of it.  And that is something you cannot deny



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