And you consider voting for Tonja and Rhett again?


Prior to responding to the inquiries made in your February 7, 2018 letter, I am herewith providing the following pages from the White Springs Charter relating to elected officials of the Town Council and to the Town Manager, labeled Addendum 1 and Addendum 2 respectively.  The White Springs Charter is based upon the “Weak Mayor” form of .0-the foregoing) is the Mayor of White Springs, Florida.

Tonja Brown is the Vice Mayor of White Springs and Willie Jefferson is a councilor.  Together with Rhett Bullard, we have what is referred to, the “Power of Three”.  Others have seen the three make decisions prior to meetings in violation of the Sunshine Laws and the three vote as one.  Rhett Bullard will start the motion or discussion and the two will readily make or second the motion, each taking turns at council meetings.  In many situations, the motions are made rapidly that the other two councilors do not have an opportunity for discussion.  Yet, much of this is not verifiable due to the fact that the Finance Director, in charge of the recorder at meetings, shuts down the recorder with respect to anything which would appear damaging to the power of three or the Town Manager.  Likewise the meeting minutes are void of information.

Rhett Bullard does not place any of his requests in writing but rather has the Town Manager Stacy Tebo does his bidding for which he provides protection with the “Power of Three”   That protection has constituted a violation of their fiduciary responsibilities to the Town’s citizens.  When asked whether there is a cap on legal expenses, the citizens were told at a meeting there is no cap and should money be required over the $20,000 in the current budget for legal expenses, it will be taken from other areas of the budget.   This is wrong but the African American population as well as many who are in poverty are afraid to bring forth information against the three for fear of some form of retaliation such as increased water and sewer bills, etc.  .

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