A prior note to Rhett Bullard for his abuse of Dr. Miller in the BeFaithful case and of the Griffins just to protect Tebo


Rhett Bullard

I do not know how anyone can call you a man whether you profess to be straight or gay.  Your attempted desecration of Helen Miller, an attractive charismatic intellectual woman who has served so very many people and who is sympathetic and committed to the needs of others is totally incomprehensible.

What a commonality of us observed was your total evisceration of Helen with no comprehension that you were consummately mentally abusive to her.  Since you have besieged my husband on multiple occasions, for pointing out your ignorance in following the laws of the State, the Nation and those locally, I would readily rely on the fact that you may either be mentally challenged or you are fundamentally drug induced. 

One could absolutely postulate that you require a course in Anger Management but unfortunately one cannot discharge your jealousy tendencies.  Your pious platitudes place you in a realm of someone who is a sanctimonious jerk. No one should treat any man or woman in the deportment  in which you have assailed others.

You may conceive you are a prestigious man who may do anything you sensationalize accomplishing because of his good ole boy friends, will never apprehend you for your illicit behavior.

I have come to know Helen Miller who  at a prior meeting in july,  expressed her hurt that B.Faithful Coker had threatened her because Coker said Helen had promised her funds which were not Helen’s to give nor to determine nor authorize.  Yet her hurt was because she felt she was lied to and used. 

In fact I witnessed B. Faithful at that July Meeting invalidating she was going to sue Helen for eradicating on her promise.  Helen formulated no such promise but only offered her assistance for a contribution from Dr. Calder’s foundation.  Only Dr. Calder would make the final determination of the amount which he would contribute to B. Faithful’s charity, which was an unknown charity which did not expressly represent solely the children of White Springs.   Without Helen Miller’s solicitation, B Faithful would not have even received $10,000.  Yet Helen Miller received no expression of gratitude; rather she was threatened to be sued. 

In fact for all the money in which was provided by the Calder Foundation for White Springs Children, only because Helen Miller was Dr. Calder’s friend, the Town of White Springs’ thanks to Helen Miller was an accusation that she did not procure the money rapidly enough so that an employee could be paid and that Helen had no legitimacy to request such a check.  What is wrong with you people?.  Are you half-assed crazy?  Have you lost your minds? Then you wonder why Helen did not have the money given through White Springs because “of the way she was treated”.

No one should ever be brutalized and verbally assaulted as you ignorant Gang of Three have hurt her.  And Furthermore, it is all because of your own deficits and your envy of Helen Miller’s accomplishments, when you don’t even try but would rather blame everyone else for your lack of morals and aptitude and continue on with your illicit behaviors.



Of Course Rhett Bullard also brutalizes Griffin and myself.



It was humorous indeed. In the interim, Mayor Rhett Bullard, esquire,(MRBE) did everything in his power to make Joe Griffin look like a fool for bringing up facts relating to the law.   If one does not go to trial, the attorneys stipulate the law and the legally accepted understanding of the law by reason of expressing that information in written form.  MRBE stated to Griffin, you have to have evidence; you can’t expect a judge to provide evidence if you only tell him the law.  In other words Griffin should have brought with him the Sunshine Manual and the Town Charter in order to prove a point of law.  This was in addition to the laws being stated on each complaint.  I stated more than once that since MRBE said he is an attorney and knows the law, he should know the contents of the Charter and the Constitution.

For instance in the case of Tonja Brown stating that she did not have to listen to anything Griffin stated.  Brown has belittled Griffin and now I believe Dr.Helen Miller with nothing but fabrications. We were told by MRBE that we did not have proof in the (redacted) minutes or did we bring in recordings from outside people (because some information was missing on Town’ tapes).  Since we did not have recorded or written documents, Dr. Helen Miller stipulated she had heard such a comment from Ms. Brown.  MRBE stated in a long version that the Council does not have to listen to the Citizens; so much for Basic Obligations of Public Service.  Needless to say that complaint was dismissed 4-1 .

Another complaint related to a seven (7) day notice relating to meetings and agendas.   MRBE said, after the attorney picked up a law on her I-phone that a seven day notice was not necessary.  Yet, Chapter 120 the Administrative Procedures Act, requires state agencies to provide at least 7 days notice.   Furthermore there is a section in the Manual outlining notice guidelines (guidelines ONLY) SUGGESTED BY THE Attorney General those guidelines say at least 7 days notice for regular meetings. The Sunshine law requires that reasonable notice must be required and there are numerous Attorney General’ opinions which say that agencies must give notice “such time and such a manner as to enable the media and the general public to attend the meeting”.  Again Chapter 120 of the Administrative Procedures Act requires agencies to provide at least 7 days notice.   Apparently White Springs does not need much of a notice in accordance to MRBE.

When Griffin brought up the fact that the November meeting was delayed because of lack of notice, because Ms. Tebo had to vote in Volusia County for the Presidential election,  MRBE said that Joe Griuffin had no proof that Ms. Tebo voted.  Yet, Ms. Tebo, a staunch Democrat, made certain she renewed her registration in September 2016 in Volusia County….so why would she not vote.  Furthermore, it was the consideration of the council, whether it was voted on or not, to not have a meeting so that everyone could vote, not withstanding that the polls were open until 7:00.  The complaint was dismissed as having no validity 4-1.  Furthermore even though Mr. Griffin indicated that he knows Ms. Tebo has been out on Mondays because he calls in, he was told he has no proof that she was not in the office….even though I may add, Mr. Griffin has been in Town Hall to observe the matter.

Then MRBE stated that a municipality is not a state agency and that they do not have to comply with such notices. Yet the Florida Statutes continually bring up the word “Agency” which the statutes apply to the state agency or of a county, municipality, special taxing district, or other political subdivision of the state.   Former Mayor Dr. Helen Miller provided the definition of “Agency” as it applies to a municipality but she was ignored and MRBE continue with his rant that the Town of White Springs is not an agency.

Griffin’s complaint about the Stacy Tebo taking Monday’s off and then most Friday afternoons went over like a lead balloon.  MRBE will protect Stacy to the fullest.  He said she works after hours like attending this meeting; that she is a salary employee (Yes it is stated that her work week is based upon a five day week and including such time as necessary to conduct business on weekends or after hours).  Now it may be mentioned that all other Managers, Townsend, Farley and Lawrence all worked a five day week and were paid far less than what Ms. Tebo is being paid.  Needless to say the complaint was dismissed as having no validity 4-1.  Stacy Tebo can take off time from work whenever she feels like it and with the protection of MRBE, we find that we cannot complain about the matter because MRBE reigns supreme.

Since Stacy Tebo has been in breach of contract for the last year and one half relating to her living conditions, Joe Griffin has asked several times that in order to make her contract as Town Manager legal that they vote that Ms. Tebo may live out of Town.  Currently her contract stipulates, and the charter stipulates she must live in White Springs.   Even William Lawrence complied and he moved from Maine while leasing his beautiful home out in Maine.   Truly we do not care where she lives, but it needs to be rectified that she spends 3-4 nights in Lake City at her Golf Course residence and the balance at her off hours at Orange City her permanent and primary residence.   The Council tabled this item for the next meeting 5-0.

There was also a complaint about MRBE stating he did not have to follow Robert’s Rules of Order, which is in violation of the Town Charter.   In fact at a recent meeting, MRBE stated “You want us to admit we did not follow the law?”   Then came MRBE’s rebuttal of the fact that he did not say such things and that we need to prove it; but as it was stated by me, the recordings have deleted or omitted information in them, whereby to protect those certain members of the council, there is not information.  Nor is there information in the meeting minutes.   Even though people may have recorded this information, we were told by MRBE that we needed to provide said recordings or proof that he said the thing he had said. I know there has been accuracy on our part of his statements, no matter how bizarre and conflicting to law, but obviously unless you take the matter to court, the Town can do what it pleases under MRBE.  This complaint was dismissed 4-1 because MRBE stated he did not say that he would follow only certain laws and since I did not have the floor, he dismissed me from telling him how he himself came to that conclusion after stating we are a “small town”….so obviously small towns do not have to abide by the law.

Prior to the vote MRBE taunted Griffin that his complaints to the Ethics Board and the Florida State Bar were so ridiculous that he received the answers before the complaint.   Yet he obviously did not read the letters sent to him.  The Florida Bar stated that the complaint should go to the Ethics Committee and the Ethics committee stated this:

  • Moreover, even assuming in argument that the complaint indicates possible violation of Section 112.313(6), Florida Statutes, nevertheless, under the Rudd Amendment, we find that the public interest would not be served by our proceeding further. We decline to proceed further because the allegations of the complaint concern internal managerial employment issues of the Town better suited to be addressed by the Town Council or forums other than  the Commission.

You tell me if after this display of childish acting as a Trial attorney cross examining a criminal, that the others on the council would dare to bring up complaints against Tebo and MRBE relating to internal managerial employment issues. Possibly Dr. Helen Miller but certainly not anyone else because MRBE has imposed fear on those who will not follow him.  Look at Walter McKenzie.  He is not certain where to turn but got the message at this meeting while Stacy Tebo verbally (and I am certain MRBE and Brown assisted) ripped up Helen Miller’s devotion to the young children of White Springs.  No notice was given to Dr. Miller verbally or in writing, nor was there evidence or was such on the agenda so that she could defend herself.  It was slander at its best. The complaints were numerous and although I will not go into them because they are a stretch from the truth, I will say that Dr. Miller, since she has no longer been Mayor and even while Mayor, kept records of everything she did and when not Mayor she followed the dictates of the Council.  So I believe that this was a warning to everyone that if you do not play ball with MRBE that similar complaints will publicly go against you.


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