A New office manager to help Jones agreed to by the council for a three week period

Manager Jones looked to the Council for the expenditure of funds for an office manager to handle administrative work for Jones while he is handling other items.  It was said that Stacy left a pile of paperwork which has not been organized ( and will be difficult I believe for an outsider to determine what is what).  An efficient person, however could probably sort the paperwork in one day which Tommie Jones has not found time for)

As far as the balance, he requires this administrative person to line up new projects coming up and go through the materials.  The person receives $17 an hour but it is increased by 25% to $24 an hour as the mark-up for the Temp Agency. He again stated how hard his workload is because he works six to seven hours a day and is paid for only four hours.   This will assist his workload and he said something about reducing his amount from $25.00 and hour by $10.00 an hour but it was not stressed so I am not certain we were hearing things.

Mr. Jones is lucky he was not in the private sector.  There one has specific goals and in discussing this with Joe, he mentioned he worked the midnight hours because he needed to fulfill the goals he implemented on himself.   Even I would work so many hours to assure everything worked out smoothly and that I met Company goals as well as those of myself that sometimes I realized that for the number of hours I worked, I many times was making less than those who were administrative assistants.  No one in sales or in management complained but we were happy to meet our goals and see a great paycheck or return for our sales efforts and fulfilling the company’s bottom lines.  I guess there was always passion for what we were doing and daily increasing of our goals and abilities to achieve even better results than the day before.

Councilwoman Brown made further inquiries as to the number of hours a day.  This temporary office manager/administrative Assistant to Jones, will work a 40 hour week, eight hours a day, for a period of three weeks until Pam Tomlinson returns from Federal Medical Leave.  When asked, he stated Yvonne cannot do the work.  The motion passed with a 4-1 motion with Brown against the motion.   Councilwoman Rivers also expressed her concern whether we can afford this additional expense.

Tommie again mentioned he is certified for Water and that is where wee need to be.where we are today.


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