Well we are in the last week of Andrew’s protected period. Let’s rehash the details, shall we?

Andrew was an unemployed dishwasher who got fired from his last job. He caught Townsend’s eye. One wonders what Townsend saw in him but knowing Townsend it is obvious that he, Townsend, saw a sexual conquest right  in front of him. Andrew became the turd chaser, the helper of Townsend at the sewer plant at approximately $7.00/hour. And all he had to do bend over and smile.

Well Andrew got tired of the game Townsend was playing and SAID “I need more money.” So Townsend convinced the Council to hire Andrew as the Turd Chaser and the Zoning Inspector at an increase in salary of $3,000 a year. The town paid for Andrew to go to Zoning School including Room and Board. The rumor at the time is that Townsend went with him to zoning school. Andrew did a good job as zoning inspector at first but soon fell  into the White Springs trap of only finding fault with “enemies of the town’s” properties. That was the beginning of the end of White Springs moral behavior. Once it was learned from Andrew and Townsend that the town could be fleeced all sorts of illegal activities started, mostly by Pam and Shirley. But Andrew was still bending over.

It was about this time that John Peeler got fired from the WSVFD Chief job because Townsend was short some $10,000 in the General Fund and the Fire Department had $10,000 in it’s checking account. Andrew joined the Fire Department, along with his buddy Townsend. Again rumor has it that the Firehouse on 41 became a homosexual play pen.

When Townsend got fired (resigned because the Mayor at that time didn’t want to put the town through the hassles of a lawsuit) the town needed a new Water-Sewer guy. Up stepped Andrew, no skills, no certifications, no education (just barely getting a GED) and became the new water-wastewater guy. Now it took him a year to pass the exams. The town hired Harry Davis of Jasper to come to White Springs and tutor poor little put upon Andrew as the water and sewer guy. Andrew’s salary went to $30,000 a year, I was told.

And things remained the same for 8 long years. Tebo disliked Steve Stith and soon, in an amazing show of back bone, Stith quits as Fire Chief because he couldn’t stand Tebo.  Up steps Kevin Pittman to be fire chief.  Pittman was required to have Andrew as his Asst. Chief by Tebo. After 9 months the fire department grew and became more professional. Fires were put out, road obstructions were cleared and all the things local fire departments are supposed to do got done with no fuss or muss. All was idealistic in form and function. Then Halloween happened. The Fire Department put on a Haunted House. The new Mayor Bullard and Tebo saw that Pittman was becoming a cult figure to the Volunteers and they were not accepted as equals in the Fire Department game of help the  kids at Halloween. Pittman’s days were numbered. The final straw came when Tebo and Bullard  cooked up a scheme to fire Pittman and the entire Fire Department signed a letter of NO CONFIDENCE in the assistant Chief Andrew. Up steps Stith again, all is forgiven with Tebo, to be the new Fire Chief. Andrew gets a firm hold on the Assistant Fire Chief spot. The Fire Department ceases to function since all, or most, of the volunteers quit at a Council meeting where Pittman decided he wouldn’t have his name dragged through the mud and quit before getting fired. Andrew was joyous. He had no Townsend but he had Stith back in the catbirds seat. No matter that we had no firefighters, Stacy, Rhett and Andrew got their way. Oh, by the way Andrew got paid to be the assistant fire chief making his salary somewhere near $50,000 a year.

And that is where we are today. Andrew is leaving (there is a God in Heaven) and it is assumed he will no longer be the assistant fire chief. What it especially means is that t he Fire department SUV comes home. I don’t know for sure but I’ll bet you that 98% of the miles on it were from Andrew taking the vehicle as his personal vehicle living the White Springs taxpayers to foot the bill for depreciation and consumables (gas, oil and washes). I’d love to know how many miles are on the relative new SUV since 98% of the miles were non-fire related miles.

It is no secret that members of the old (Kevin Pittman’s fire department) don’t have any respect for Andrew. I believe that Andrew has never been to an actual structure fire in his years on the WSVFD. It is said that he has a medical condition which prohibits him from working near heat sources, even backyard BBQ’s. And his wife is no better. Dominique has never been to a structural fire in all the time she has been a placeholder on the Fire department roster.

Andrew is a scumbag having taken in the neighborhood of $500,000 from the town treasury to do nothing in the past 17 years plus. He is a weak ineffective leader who lies all of the time. He has done nothing for the citizens of White Springs except for that short period when he was doing the Code enforcement job before he found out he could not do the job and still get paid. Joe Griffin calls Andrew the “Child Bride” for the fact that he is the play toy of Townsend and others in the community who are into deviant sexual proclivities. Check with Bob Farley on Helen Miller. They both know of Andrew’s medical condition.

We, the town, was a fool to have hired him as a play toy for Townsend and others. Yet he has been employed by us for 17 plus years. He fits well into the town hiring practices of only hiring the weakest and the least competent of the contenders. No one has any respect for Andrew and we will be much better off with him gone. Good riddance to a lazy sexual deviant who has done so little for the town that the town managers should be fired for keeping him “on the job”. This includes the drug addict Stacy Tebo.

We should hire only the best and the brightest and Andrew only fits the bill for the the worst and the dumbest. Good riddance. We should hold a backyard BBQ and invite him to be the Guest of Honor.

One last thought. I wouldn’t put it past Stith and Tebo to allow Andrew to keep diving the SUV since he hasn’t resigned from the WSVFD. What a way to run a town.

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