My Take on Lofton and Bullard taking the side of a Con-Artist and being complicit in giving Coker Money that they should not have paid

The Commission on Ethics came through with formal dismissal of the BeFaithful Coker complaints against Councilors Helen B. Miller and Walter McKenzie.  As you will recall the Town of White Springs not only paid $3,000 to Be Faithful Coker but also the Calder Foundation sent Ms. Coker  $3,000 which the Foundation would never have had to send since the $10,000 was paid as a “Grant” and Council Woman Dr. Helen B. Miller MADE NO PROMISE THAT MS. COKER WOULD RECEIVE $13,000.  RATHER ALL OF MILLER’S STATEMENTS REFERRED TO A ” G R A N T “.


DONOR ADVISED FUNDs refers to an account held at a sponsoring organization (iN THIS CASE j.p. mORGAN WAS THE sPONSORING oRGANIZATION), often a community foundation. The DAF is owned and controlled by the sponsoring organization and the donor retains only advisory privileges over the distribution or investment of the funds in the account. When a donor makes a contribution to a DAF, the sponsoring organization has legal control over it and the donor is eligible to take a charitable tax deduction for this completed gift. It is important to note that even though the donor has retained “advisory” privileges over the money in their DAF, the owner of the funds is the sponsoring organization and all funds are ultimately controlled by the sponsoring organization. The donor is limited to making recommendations only. While most sponsoring organizations will routinely approve a donor’s request, it is under no legal requirement to comply with a request.


Furthermore the sponsoring organization must make an effort to determine if Ms. Coker’s organization was a valid organization and that is how the determination was made for only providing Coker $10,000. . Coker never provided a Thanks to Miller for the $10,000 but held her hostage for no legal reason for the additional $3,000 for which Coker was never given a guarantee.  Furthermore, she did not follow the wishes of Miller by reason she did not comply with the wishes of Miller and also the Donor’s faith in compliance with what Miller suggested.  Instead Be Faithful charged exorbitant fees for the children from rent to electricity and supplies for which Be Faithful never paid her own rents for the facility and it was understood our White Springs Students probably were not allowed in the second Session.  This was Extortion when Be. Faithful went after the Calder organization with threats and Miller for not providing the additional $3,000.  Now of course, BeFaithful filed bankruptcy again for the third time, because she has never paid her encumbrances.


Insofar as Councilman McKenzie, Be Faithful threatened to file a complaint of “Bribery”, because Councilman McKenzie wished to fix the problem.  He basically said that if the Town of White Springs paid you $3,000 would you drop the rest of charges you have made in your statement to White Springs?  Coker stated “No she would not drop the rest of the charges” trying to indicate Councilman McKenzie was trying to bribe her.   Obviously and by Legal Standards he did not “bribe” her but only was protecting the Town.  Miller told Rhett Bullard it was his decision but she did not feel Coker needed to be provided a $3,000 check from the Town because there was no legal obligation to do so by the Town of White Springs.  And Miller was correct by law.


Because Spencer Lofton and Rhett Bullard however are still trying to remove Helen B.Miller as a council member and I feel the only thing stopping them is another legal expense for the moment, they took Be Faithful Coker’s side against Miller.   It is my opinion that Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton should have never paid this extortionist but they did so to make some frivolous point against  Miller and attack McKenzie for agreeing one minute with Rhett Bullard and Changing his mind the next time.  That was not the case.  McKenzie did not agree to pay Coker, only the “Gang of Thugs” because all he wanted to know is whether the other threats against Miller and others would be dropped if the Town Paid Coker $3,000.  And with her answer, McKenzie definitely did not agree with paying Coker.


Technically not only is Be Faithful Coker an extortionist for whatever she can get and goes after people for no legal reason, but Councilperson Rhett Bullard and Mayor Spencer Lofton are complicit in this extortion to try and find fault with councilwoman Helen Miller, which would never hold up in court legally due to the laws pertaining to DAF’s but of course Bullard is not that good of an attorney, in my opinion, nor does he follow laws, much less having the ability to understand what is read.  As for Spencer Lofton, he is just a con artist and pied piper who only has pie in the sky ideas to cost our taxpayers more money and after all, he is a very good friend of Be Faithful Coker and they both are con-artists looking for a fast buck but not doing the legal or fiduciary duties required.


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