Kevin Pittman’s complaints were preposterous – Steve Stith can lie all he wants that is what Stacy and Rhett want

Was not that what Kevin Pittman had to be immediately terminated for lying to the Town Manager about his instructor certification which had lapsed. Steve lied to the entire Council about 4 of his firefighters living within 5 miles of Town. Other than Steve NONE live in Town or anywhere near Town.

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DidnDidn’t Stacy tebo remove Pittman for supposedly lying to her. If that is the case then why the hell is Stith still here he has lied time an time again not only to her but to the entire town. Shouldn’t that be reason enough for her to remove him he is not a firefighter anyone can buy a tshirt an wear it it takes a real man to run into hells flames. Remove Stith an The Greens let the county step in an run the department an maybe this town will be able to get more then 2 people who live in town to be on the department. I don’t think having someone who lives over 45 miles away an town as 2 hours away should be on the department. Stand up White Springs let your voices be heard demand change fight for what is right your Life Depends on it If you are ok with putting your life in jeopardy  or your kids by not standing up to these liers then you are fools.

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I am not certain where you are going because Kevin Pittman (1) Was told he could remain as a firefighter but not as chief  (2)  The complaints against him about not communicating, fixing the fire engine and the other BS regarding the complaint given at the meeting without Kevin Pittman having an opportunity to read the complaints were highly ridiculous.
 Kevin Pittman is a Firefighter II and the certificate which he had provided to the town would have had some expiration date like other licenses which would have been obvious, which have to be renewed in order to be re-certified.  It was an excuse because Kevin Pittman and the other firefighters did not wish Andrew Greene to be the Assistant Chief.  Not only did he not have the ability to fight a fire, but the reason was twofold for Pittman being told to step down.  (1) First Rhett Bullard did not get the attention or was envious of Pittman’s followers at the Halloween Party   (2) Pittman wished to remove Andrew Greene as Assistant Chief because all of the other firefighters in the department had far more experience than Greene.  Yet, Rhett Bullard needed to Keep Andrew Greene happy and with the new Fire Department SUV so Greene would have a vehicle for his personal use, visiting his wife’s relatives in Tampa and going on vacations.  Most likely a Thanks for Greene getting rid of the evidence on Former Manager Robert Townsend who escaped raping inmates. But most importantly Andrew Greene with the fire department before  Pittman’s ended up having parties in the old firehouse where Stith was involved as were others which was stopped by Manager Farley plus there were the sex videos of Andrew with the Bullards…so there you go.
So let’s get back to that instructors licence which expired.  That was just another lame excuse by Stacy Tebo to remove Pittman as Chief.  There was no requirement that Pittman be an instructor.  He did that with the goodness of his heart and all of his extra time to help those who needed the Firefighter I class to be instructed because the Town never helped the Firefighters, nor did Stith ever have training Classes for our fire department which Pittman did.  When Steve Stith was firefighter, after his sex parties were ended, the only firefighter that showed up to fires was Don Wilson.   He was the only one fighting the Sistrunk Fire until Genoa and Jasper showed up; yet he not only helped the Systrunks out of the house and to safety, moving vehicles, etc. but dropped walls down so the fire would not spread to Scott Gay’s house or our Tree line.  Kevin Pittman answered calls day or night and saved the Harris row buildings when the fire started at Franklin Smith’s restaurant in the middle of the night penetrating the Bicycle Club portion of the building where some were awakened from the inhalation of smoke.
But the difference is Kevin Pittman was and is a born LEADER and he was PASSIONATE about firefighting.  The Firefighters showed up at many meetings with their gear so we knew that we had firefighters who would help with fires here.  In fact Firefighter Brazil purchased a home close to town hall and he and Pittman spent their own time and money on the items they could fix on the trucks.  WE NEVER REQUIRED A CHIEF FOR WHITE SPRINGS TO HAVE AN INSTRUCTORS LICENSE AND STEVE STITH NEVER EVEN HAD ONE.  IT WAS AN EXCUSE BY STACY TEBO AND RHETT BULLARD TO REMOVE PITTMAN AS CHIEF AS SOON AS HE WISHED TO DEMOTE GREENE…..AND THEN THERE WAS THE LETTER OF NO CONFIDENCE PROVING ANDREW GREENE NEVER PARTICIPATED IN TRAININGS OR ANYTHING ELSE.
No one will not win on this blog with most people ever bringing anything up on Kevin Pittman.  As far as I am concerned Rhett and Stacy got rid of Kevin Pittman like that bizzare hearing they had forfeiting Helen Miller’s seat.  If you are the best of the best and you have the intellect and passion to do the right thing, Rhett and Stacy will get rid of you like they did to Anita Rivers who was the most cordial and brightest the Town ever hired….plus the fact that she worked in the private sector, so she wasn’t a slow, lazy, and curt person toward citizens.
Always remember we have a VOLUNTEER Fire Department where the firefighters, even though it was voted on at one time by the council, not one of Pittman’s crew to my knowledge even received a stipend.  Having Pittman and his crew was the best and most fortunate thing we could have in White Springs and it was ruined because of jealousies.


Now you may have meant that supposedly Kevin Pittman lied to his Manager who wouldn’t know if he lied or not since she seems to be in another world most of the time…and that not only did Steve Stith lie to one person but to the entire council.  But of course Steve Stith didn’t lie to Stacy Tebo or Rhett Bullard because they knew we didn’t have a fire department but good ole Andrew Greene was saved with stipends, a new vehicle for his personal use and credit cards.  Rhett Bullard especially makes me sick because I am certain it was his decision and Stacy did her thing.  We can’t have good people in White Springs only Corrupt Liars who don’t understand what it takes for these Volunteers to be on call day and night risking their lives on their own personal time.


Karin Griffin

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