2020 WSFD Roster as of 1/14/2020

717   Anderson, Troy                      Support

705    Brazil,  Thomas                      Firefighter 1

703     Brownfield, Cecil                   Captain / Firefighter 1

707      Broxterman, Jodi                   Firefighter 1/ EMT

720       Buchanan, Christopher        Paramedic / Support

708        Dowdy, Jonathan                   Firefighter 1 / Paramedic

711         Erixton, Gary                         Support

702          Fry, Nathan                            Firefighter  2  / EMT

718          Gay, Arlen Scott                     Support

EM-1        Land, Henry                         White Springs FD- Admin

704           Meeks, Bradley                     Lieutenant / Firefighter 1

722            Nichols, Rickey E.                 Support

710             Perez, Antonio M                 Lieutenant   /  Firefighter 1    

712              Perez, Manual                      Support

701               Pittman, Kevin                     Chief   Firefighter 2 / Paramedic

713                Redick, Flozell                     Support

716                 Register, Samantha            Support

709                Register, William                 Firefighter 1

721                 Shalllar, Larry                      Firefighter 2 / EMT

719                  Shanks, Peter                        Firefighter 1

715                   Stormant, Preston               Support

714                    Thomas, Andrea                 Support 


   We appreciate that not only did Chief Pittman provide the White Springs Town Council with a copy of the Roster at the January 14th Meeting but also gave Joe Griffin a copy of the Roster for the White Springs Journal.   We trust Kevin Pittman’s leadership so that we would have probably not requested a copy and we  are pleased we have one for the Journal for all to see.  It is so nice to have a group of professionals volunteering there services for the Town of White Springs.

Thank you!!! 


Karin Griffin for the blog

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