2013 Cost Estimates to implement the Economic development Vision Components

In July 2010, the newly elected Mayor of the Town of White Springs, Dr. Helen B. Miller, held a number of visioning meetings throughout the community.  The citizens were made aware of the meetings by Mayor Miller presenting the opportunity at churches, civic organizations and local media.  The purpose of these meetings was to gain input from all factions of the community regarding the economic viability and quality of life issues of White Springs.


The outcomes of the Mayor’s Focus Group meeting on economic development held on July 22, 2010 are as follows:

A.  Eco-lodge and Executive Education/Conference Center

B.  Camp Historical Museum Comples (Dr. Benjamin Franklin Camp and Family Structures, historical documents and artifacts – Corner US 41 and Camp Avenue, i.e., CR 25A.

C.  Folk Art School – to leverage the Stephen Foster Park Folk Festioval and local/regional artists.

D.  Spring House re-piping and restoration

E. The Carver Education Campus:  Multipurpose emergency shelter, Charter School (K-12, with IT similar to Eco-Lodge/ Education/ Conference Center), Science & Technology Museum and Library.

F. 1-75 136 Exit is the “Front Door” to White Springs.  2 1/3 quadrants need major clean up and enhancement, (i.e. hotels and restaurants)

G.  Farming / Agriculture Value Added Products – Winery, Cannery, Fish Farming, Plant Nurseries, new crops such as olives for branded olive oils.

H.  White Springs Healing Center, to include ER, medical clinic, dental and optical facilities, alternative

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