119 Request Concerning Pam and Illegal Bank Accounts

119 Request for BAnk Statements

Joe Griffin <godforjoe@gmail.com>
Wed, Jan 15, 8:24 PM (4 hours ago)
to White

II want one copy of each of the Town’s bank statements as reported on the Blog, White Spring Journal, that were fraudulently openned by Pam. The story was written by a contributing author of the Ratt Watch,, an unknown person. The story was published on Wednesday 15l January 2020. If you need a copy of the story please advise. Or you can just look o teh Blog and find it.. I only want the illegal bank accounts opened by Pam. I don’t need any of the legitimate accounts. Please tell me, in accordance with Florida Statute 119 and the Government in t he Sunshine Manual when I can expect delivery of these documents and the costs to receive these documents. According to the here to before viable and reliable source You have found these accounts in the last two months therefore hey shouldn’t be hard to find.

I expect a rapid turn over of these documents.

Joe Griffin

Citizen Actvist

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